Mexican Resturants

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I was just wondering if any of you take your PA children to eat Mexican.

Thanks in advance!

On Feb 15, 2008

I eat Mexican, but not a lot. My first life-threatening reaction was eating nachos. Not at a mexican restaurant, but most of the mexican foods I eat I make my self. Homemade tacos are easy to make and it is less of a risk. If you do take your kiddos to eat Mexican, be careful. A lot of mexican foods have ground up nuts in the meats or sauces to thicken them up. Hope this helps!

On Feb 15, 2008

my son totally digs bean, cheese and rice burritos (thats about all he can eat since he only has 2 teeth!). His fave is a local spot - we're lucky to be an hour from the border with some of the best mexican food outside of mexico ;) luckily, most mexican food restaurants here cook in animal fat (mmm lard lol) and not veggie oil. gross but *so* good ;) the only problem that i could forsee being a problem is at least here the language barrier is a challenge, but there is nothing peanut on the menu and they have all assured me no peanut oil, etc.


On Feb 15, 2008

Yes, we have one local Mexican restaurant that we eat at. They have assured me that there are no peanuts/nuts in the restaurant except for the Hazelnut liquer at the bar. They even took the peanuts off the kids ice cream sundae bar (soft serve) b/c of complaints years ago. My kids love it there.

On Feb 15, 2008

Yes we do. But we only go to one place with my son that we have talked to the owner and he assured us that they do not use peanuts or nuts in their sauces.

We also cook mexican at home frequently, as my son is a big fan of guacamole and authentic tacos (corn tortillas, skirt steak, mexican cheese and lime).