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Mexican Independence day

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My ds Kindergarten class is going to be celebrating Mexican Independence day next month. I got a list of donations being asked for by parents for this party. It includes Pan Dulce and Chocolate Abuelita. We have never had these items before so we are unfamiliar with them.

My ds is allergic to peanuts, treenuts and shellfish.

I guess they are saying that they want Pan Dulce that is mexican sweet bread. My concern is that I don't know what is in it, where it was made, and any possible cross-contamination. Especially cause they are allowing home-made. I really am unsure on what to do. My ds is so excited for this party. But I REALLY don't want this party to end with another trip to the emergency room.

And the Chocolate Abuelita I believe is the one made by Nestle. I normally don't trust Nestle products in our home. So I am concerned. But I figure I can substitute regular hot cocoa I can provide. Not sure what to do about the pan dulce without just excluding my ds. I don't know anyone who makes it or I would get some safe ones for him.

I might be making a lot out of this but we are only 7 weeks into his first year of school so we are trying to figure this all out still.

Any info on what to do would be appreciated. And if anyone has a safe recipe that is easy to make I might just make the pan dulce myself. Either way I am probably going to be a volunteer that day in class just to be sure of what he eats.

Any suggestions or info?

By Sarah McKenzie on Sep 3, 2013

Good idea to volunteer. Maybe you can make your own Pan Dulce at home also and not risk the chance of cross contamination. I know it's difficult when your child wants to be there.