Member looking for ingredients on AVEDA toiletries /soaps/creams/lotions

Posted on: Sun, 02/10/2002 - 11:20am
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Member looking for ingredients on AVEDA toiletries /soaps/creams/lotions

AVEDA toiletries (soaps/creams/lotions) in recently visited resort's bathrooms. The package didn't tell us anything in the way of
ingredients, but does say "A rich blend of organic extract..." My son
has a severe nut allergy and had a bath with this soap. He broke out in
red, blotchy patches all over his body. We gave him BENADRYL and
luckily, we were 15 minutes to the Huntsville Hospital. Can you please
find out what the ingredients are. We have tried to contact AVEDA
ourselves, but were unable to get a response on ingredients.


contact information for the manufacturer, any information on their ingredients you can get from them, any word on possibly adding ingredients to their products etc.

Stay Safe,


Posted on: Mon, 02/11/2002 - 1:10pm
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I don't know about their ingredients, but I do know that when my salon switched over to using AVEDA products my head was itchy and blistered for a good week afterward. I'm anaphylactic to peanuts and hazlenuts and I test positive to other tree nuts but I'm not sure which ones.
P.S. There is an AVEDA store in a mall I sometimes visit. Next time I'm there I'll try to check the ingredients - they have a ton of products though...

Posted on: Mon, 02/11/2002 - 1:42pm
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I broke out in a rash at a Chicago area hotel after using the soap supplied by the hotel. Later, I found that the soap had almond in it.
Lots of "better" hair and skin products have hazelnut or almond oil in them.
Also, some have salicysate in them. If you are allergic to not use...take it from me...I had a nice case of hives on my head from one experience.
I never...never use hotel products..I always bring my own soap, hair shampoo etc.
Aveda products are carried by lots of salons.

Posted on: Thu, 02/14/2002 - 3:53am
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I know that many aveda products contain nut oils such as brazil nut, almond and i think I have seen macadamia oil, I have major problems with aveda products and some are do to my enviromental allergies because thes products contain things such as nettle, chamomille, lavender, etc., all natural, big problem for my skin.


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