MedicAlert/Medical ID bracelets for infants


Hi all - My seven-month-old son was just diagnosed with a life-threatening peanut allergy. I am almost always with him but I would like to get some sort of MedicAlert bracelet for him that would identify his allergy and Epi-Pen use in case he is ever with a caregiver or we are in a situation where I am unable to speak for him.

I am worried about him ripping off a part of the bracelet and putting it in his mouth. Does anyone have any ideas about what kind of product would be most suited to an active baby like mine?

Many thanks in advance!

By mom on a mission on Mar 16, 2010

I recently found temporary food allergy alert tattoos by SafetyTat. I really wish I had them when my daughter was younger and couldn't communicate. There are several different types. They have a quick stick tattoo that you use a special pen to write on the allergy and your cell phone. That one stays on up to 2 weeks. I have the one that is applied with a damp cloth. It's pre-printed with peanut allergy and my cell phone. That one stays on 1 to 5 days. My daughter just wore one to a Girl Scout event. I plan on her wearing them to summer camps, field trips, etc. It might be the perfect solution for you.

I liked them so much, that I contacted SafetyTat about doing a give-away. Right now, I'm giving away a couple of sample packs and have a discount code for 10% off a $15 order.


By Michaels Mom on Mar 17, 2010

I just ordered braclets from Oneida nameplate for my 11 month old and 3 yo boys. The arrived the other day and the clasp appears very sturdy and they have you measure so that the fit will be relatively snug. We haven't worn them yet, b/c the Easter bunny is bringing them with the boys' safe candy. (Figured that would be the best way to get my 3 yo on board with the idea) I plan on having the 11 month old (who puts EVERTHING in his mouth)wear his just during the day for now, so I can assess how he does with it and how safe it seems.

By cmvervais on Mar 18, 2010

For my 2 year old daughter, I ordered a sports band bracelet that attaches with velcro. The medical id information is handwritten on a paper that is tucked in an inside pouch on the band. She's old enough where I can tell her not to mess with it. Might be a little big on an infant, but could possibly work as an ankle bracelet...

By Michaels Mom on Apr 5, 2010

The Easter bunny brought the boys their medical ID braclets yesterday. They fit so snugly I was concerned that they would have reddened areas or irritation, as both boys have very sensitive skin. Neither has had a complaint and their skin doesn't have a mark on it- even after sleep. I do see the value in beginning to have them wear the braclets as early as 12 month old has already forgotten about his (so I even left it on overnight), but my 3 yo keeps asking if he "can be done" with his- if only he!