MedicAlert bracelet for toddler questions...

Posted on: Thu, 06/17/1999 - 7:36am
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Just got my dd's bracelet in the mail today. She seems to be doing fine with it (she is fifteen months old). I have two questions, though. One, I was told when I called that it would be a smaller size for a toddler (something new they now have?) and it would be in red (the emblem). But, it is not in red. I called and the lady was unhelpful. She said she didn't think they came in red for that size. Wouldn't it seem that the toddler one would need to be in red so people would notice? She can't talk! What does everyone else's look like that has a toddler? Two, I saw that the engraving might come off in the pool?!? Do I have to take it off each time we go? It would seem as they got older this would be when they need it the most (when they are out with friends and the pool). Besides, I don't think I could get it off! LOL That clasp is child proof for sure! LOL Thanks! Shan

Posted on: Thu, 06/17/1999 - 7:55am
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Hi Shan! My daughter's medic alert is stainless steel silver with an engraved red emblem. The initial one we got for her at 18 months was the same. I posted a reply to the pool question in another thread. My daughter loves to swim; we have a pool in our backyard. I don't see that the pool water has made any difference in her bracelet. As I said in the other post, the only thing that does happen is it gets scratched up from constantly climbing in and out of the pool and scraping it against the pool wall. The problem with taking it off (aside from the difficulty!) is remembering to put it back on. We leave her bracelet on 24/ never comes off. I would rather replace a bracelet than risk her not having the info available when it's needed.

Posted on: Thu, 06/17/1999 - 8:01am
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Thanks. I wonder why my dd's isn't red? I would prefer that. It seems like it would be safer. As for the pool, that is good to know. I would like to leave it on her 24/7, also. Thanks again! Shan [img][/img]

Posted on: Thu, 06/17/1999 - 9:35am
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Hi! I ordered the silver and gold emblem for my 22 mo old daughter. My best friend owns an ambulance company and I asked if having the red one made any difference in actually noticing it. He said no because paramedics and EMT's are trained to look for the bracelet not a color. The woman at Medic Alert said the same thing. Also, with a child this young, they don't normally wear bracelets and it would be noticed right away. I ordered the two toned one just because I thought it would look nicer and because my friend said not to worry. I am surprised they didn't give you the red one- I had to ask for the two toned one and it cost $5 more. But, I would not worry about it not being noticed. Everyone comments on my daughters bracelet. She thinks she is sooo cool!

Posted on: Thu, 06/17/1999 - 1:04pm
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Hi Kelly. That is good to know. I didn't know you could buy one of the nicer ones that small. The lady I spoke with the first time said the only choice was sterling silver with red. I would have probably ordered the same as you if I would have known. Well, at least I know they look for the bracelet. I was wondering about other people not noticing it and giving her food or something (yes, I'm parnoid!). She already had one person comment on it today, too.

Posted on: Fri, 06/18/1999 - 7:25am
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Hi Shan,
I'm glad your daughter has her medic alert bracelet now. When my little sister got lost when she was 4, my mom found her at the police station eating an icecream. The worry of something like that happening is why we got James his bracelet. With his milk, egg and nut allergies I figure Chunky Monkey must be his most dangerous flavor!!
I saw your questions on the other board about medic alert bracelets
My 4 year old has been wearing a medic alert braclet every day for about 2 1/2 years. We only took it of once to have a jeweller take out a couple links as it was a bit big (maybe different UK sizes). He seems very comfortable with it. I make a point of showing him other people who are wearing one. I have talked to strangers in cafeterias and asked them to talk to James about their bracelets.
I don't know how this started but James has a habit of showing his bracelet to new adults he thinks of as in charge. This has included gym teachers, party entertainers and his friend's parents. I think it has become a good way for him to bring up his allergies. It is espcially good I think because it works even if he is feeling shy - he does not have to actually say anything.
I am of course worried he wont like it as he gets a little older and becomes more concerned about things looking girlie but then a lot of things worry me about my kids getting older!
By the way the red enamel on his wore off completely even before he started his weekly swimming lessons.
Thinking of you,

Posted on: Fri, 06/18/1999 - 11:29am
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Brady wears her bracelet 24/7 also. We never take it off of her. She has been swimming lots of times without any problem, but if it did wear off..I would just ask for a new one! It's I see no reason to ever take it off of her. I don't know why you didn't get a red emblem either! Is the charm big, or is it the small "E" size?? Tammy

Posted on: Sat, 07/03/1999 - 1:01pm
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Any tips on how to convince a 3 year old to leave the bracelet on? We just received my daughter's braclet 3 days ago and she throws a fit everytime I put it on her arm.

Posted on: Sat, 07/03/1999 - 1:41pm
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My daughter was older when we got hers, but we still really built it up, told her it made her very special and that it was pretty and shiny. She goes to daycare, so the next day she showed it to everyone there. And for the first two weeks the first thing she did when she saw anyone was show them her new bracelet so they could comment on how special it was.
Now she doesn't even seem to notice it, although she wears it all the time (24/7).

Posted on: Sun, 07/04/1999 - 10:47am
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Brady loved hers..she helped me open the package and we "oooed and ahhhed" over it. But if she resisted, I think I would have waited until she was asleep..put it on her and if she complained in the morning I would make such a fuss over it being beautiful that she wouldn't want it off. Once it's on, it's practically impossible to get it off.. and it won't take long for your daughter to get used to it. Good luck, Tammy

Posted on: Tue, 07/06/1999 - 10:52am
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My 23 month old daughter loves her bracelet. We received it one month ago and also made a big deal about it. When we first put it on her she paid a lot of attention to it and was always putting it in her mouth. Now she hardly notices it. She wears it 24/7. She also has the book for preschoolers "No Nuts For Me" which talks about the Medic Alert bracelet so she was familiar with it before she got the bracelet and we told her she would be getting one just like it.


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