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Okay, I've already got a question. When do I need to buy a Medical Alert Bracelet for One Year Old Baby? Is there a too early time? Any thoughts appreciated.

Thanks, Dr.Nuclear

On Aug 10, 2007

I too raised a thread for you on Main Discussion Board (re: toddlers and medic alert).

Personally, I think it is best to start a young child wearing some form of "medic alert style" bracelet. My husband travels extensively and I am alone 98% of days with my children -- accidents do happen and I wanted to ensure that my child's situation was known. In addition, if started young it hopefully becomes a habit.

We still do not use the Medic Alert brand (nor does my seafood allergic mother). At your grandchild's age, I would want a bracelet listing the allergy, Epi-PenJr./911, home or cell phone, and first initial/last name.

We have used N-Styleid bracelets. Many resources are obtained by searching the web for diabetic resources.

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On Aug 30, 2007

We recently got Ben a medic alert bracelet. Just plain stainless steel, toddler-sized, with a clasp that takes a team of mechanical engineers to open. [img][/img]

IMO there's no such thing as too young. Even though our son is always with someone who is aware of his allergies, if something happen to the adult person with him he wouldn't be able to speak for himself. Better to be safe than sorry.