Medic Alerts


What do you have for your child, a braclet or necklace?

And why did you choose that one?

Do you leave it on when they go to bed?

I'm looking for the pros & cons of each. My dd is going on 5 years old now, and i need to get her one. She hates wearing any kind of jewelry, so i'm interested in seeing what works best for all of you. Thank you. Nancy

On Apr 23, 2003

DS has a bracelet, we got it for him just before he turned 3, a necklace at that age did not seem appropriate. He wears it 24/7, it has wrecked our bathtub, I noticed someone else in another thread mentioned that too. But a tub can be easily repaired or replaced, our son cannot.

On Apr 24, 2003

My DD is going on 5 also and wears a MedicAlert bracelet 24/7. She has had it since her diagnosis at 18 months old and is used to it now.

She has a friend who is her age and also a PN allergy and I finally convinced her mom to get her a medicalert bracelet. She said that it took her DD about a week to get used to it and she doesn't even pay attention to it now. The mom just made it perfectly clear that it is NOT to come off for any reason. (the bracelets are pretty child-proof, so it would take a child Houdini to get it off).

I HIGHLY recommend you get a bracelet for your child. My allergist gave me a wonderful (but scary) story to convince me to get one. He said: If you happen to be in a car accident and you are unconscious and your child is crying, what if an ambulance/police worker hands your child a cracker with PB or a cookie with nuts? At least with the bracelet on, you are sure that no matter what people will know about their allergy.

Good luck!

On Apr 24, 2003

Wow scary story about the car accident. That just woke me up. top priority for the day: medic alert braclets. Thanks for the wake up call! Melody

On Apr 24, 2003

Hi Maddiesmom, That is a good point your Doctor had for getting a braclet! I do intend to get my dd one, but she is still being tested for other foods as well, so i am waiting 2 more weeks to order it. One thing came to mind i thought i might bring up to see what everyone thinks: IF you are in a car accident, and unconscious, and your child is crying, and it's winter time and your child is all bundled up in a winter coat and gloves, braclet under the sleeve, WILL police or rescue people first LOOK for a Medic Alert BEFORE giving the child food? This is the first thing that came to my mind after i read your post.


On Apr 24, 2003

In response to your question about whether they look for a bracelet...I have been told that EMT/police/firefighters are trained to look for medicalert bracelets and necklaces. I also just heard about stickers that go on car-seats/booster seats that identify the child, their parents names and address, and if they have any medical conditions. The stickers are available at your local police dept. I plan on getting one for each of my children's car seats.

I apologize if I frightened you all with my "hypothetical" story of the car accident! [img][/img] It made me realize when my Dr told me that I may not be able to be with my DD at ALL times, so atleast the bracelet can talk for me! [img][/img]


On Apr 24, 2003


Thanks for the idea of the stickers. That's something i never thought of. And i'm sure the accident story opened some eyes maybe? [img][/img]