Medic Alerts


What do you have for your child, a braclet or necklace?

And why did you choose that one?

Do you leave it on when they go to bed?

I'm looking for the pros & cons of each. My dd is going on 5 years old now, and i need to get her one. She hates wearing any kind of jewelry, so i'm interested in seeing what works best for all of you. Thank you. Nancy

On Apr 24, 2003

My son wears a medic alert child's silver bracelet. He has worn it for 3 1/2 years, and he's almost 6. We have had no problems with him wanting to remove it. Explaining to your daughter that it may save her life, might convince her to keep it on. If she has any aversion to wearing it, buy a simple silver bracelet for yourself to wear too. That might work ! There are supposed to be new bracelet types that look like watches, and I'm not sure I would recommend them. Some EMT's aren't familiar with them and might overlook them. Good luck!

On Apr 24, 2003

My 6 yr old has worn one since she was 5 and my 4 yr old has worn one since Sept. Neither girl takes it off. Both understand what it means and why they have to wear one.

Just explain to her that it will help if she gets peanuts by accident and that it could save her life.

On Apr 24, 2003

Medic Alert will not sell necklaces for use with children under 10 years old. Only bracelets are considered safe for young children. The bracelets are designed to come apart with pressure such as if they were caught somewhere. That simplifies your decision, eh?!!

On Apr 24, 2003

Thanks everyone, and yes, i will be getting my dd the braclet! [img][/img]