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Hi everyone. I'm just wondering where you have all gotten you Medical ID bracelets/necklaces, especially those for toddlers. Thanks! Kristina

By katelynl829 on Jul 15, 2009

We went through Our daughter was 17 months when diagnosed. We got her the A156 - Stainless Steel Petite Emblem, Raised Logo w/ Bracelet for $10. When I called the company I talked to a representative that said when had gotten than bracelet for her 19month old daughter and she recommended it for toddlers.

With medicalert your bracelet will have an id number and a phone number engraved on it. Emergency personal can call the number and receive a detailed medical history of your child. Through the web site you can update your child's medications, doctors, and any other medical issues. If you decide to go with this service call to sign up instead of doing it online. If you call you will get a cheaper rate since you are doing it for your child, not an adult.

By BestAllergySites on Jul 15, 2009

MedicAlert is a great company and there are multiple others.

I used this company as I didn't want all my sons information stored in some database that could potentially one day get hacked.

My only complaint is that the engraving is rather faint. But I had his name put on the outside (all these stainless bracelets scratch) and his allergens on the inside-where there are not scratches.

I think we'll be ordering a sports band instead soon. They have a tighter fit.

Hope that helps! Ruth

By BeyondAPeanut on Jul 16, 2009

There are a number of great companies providing new medical ID. I too used medicallert. I found their clasp to be extremely sturdy. We never remove the bracelet and it has stayed on through many toddler tumbles and falls. Unfortunatley, my son did have bruises on the palm of his hand from landing on the plate throughout his younger years. The best part was the awareness it provided. At two he was telling people about his "Allughee". While some of the jewelry may be more appealing to older children make sure you select the most sturdy for your toddler.

By StinaC raig on Jul 16, 2009

Thanks for the responses! I was leaning toward medic alert. I'll be sure to call instead of doing it online! Great tip.