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Hi, all! I haven't been around much lately. I've been chasing my now 2yo twins! [img][/img] I hope everyone is well.

I have a couple of questions about ID bracelets. My PA son is in daycare and isn't wearing a bracelet right now. I'm very comfortable (I guess as comfortable as I can be?) with the awareness/vigilance of his teachers and daycare workers but I've decided to get him a bracelet b/c you just never know when it might be needed. We can't plan these things, right?

So my questions:

Where did you get your child's/your ID bracelet or necklace?

Any suggestions for introducing a very opinionated toddler to wearing a bracelet 24/7? [img][/img]

Thanks for any input!


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On Aug 5, 2005

Peachy Camille, we got our's through MedicAlert Canada. We have had some difficulties with it as far as it staying attached and I would consider the velcro sports band if I needed to buy another one anytime soon.

Not clear how to get an opinionated toddler or wee one to wear one except to say it's really important, especially since they do go to daycare/preschool and aren't with Mommy/Daddy all the time.

I think the website for MedicAlert Canada is [url=""][/url] It may direct you to the American one.

Oh, and I would definitely love what I believe are "dog tags" necklace ones, but I think they're recommended for when your child is older.

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On Aug 5, 2005

I just ordered my 2yr old's bracelet from my jewelry store. He was all excited to be geting a bracelet - his grandfather wears a medic alert bracelet - but he wanted to wear it home. They were going to give him a loaner. It was an adjustable bracelet, but they made it too tight and it pinched his wrist. He wanted it off and wouldn't put it back on. I just hope when his comes in, he'll wear it now!

On Aug 5, 2005

A few months ago I got my DA & PA son (4 years old) a medi braclet from a local jeweller. He likes it and likes to explain to people why he wears it.

However, he doesn't wear it too often because of me. It has a clasp on it that is very difficult to open and close. He takes the braclet off every night for sleep. I plan on taking it back to the shop to see if they can put an easier clasp on it.

I talked to some paramedics and they said that the bracelet is best. They always look for a bracelet, but sometimes the other types of tags can get missed.

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On Aug 5, 2005

We got our PA DD's medic alert bracelet from (usa). They have different designs including sports bands. My DD got a gold and silver emblem.

On Aug 5, 2005

when i went to see the allergist, he had a bunch of medicalert forms so we filled one of those out and sent it off.

On Aug 5, 2005

We got ours from Medic Alert as well. There are a lot of services that Medic Alert offers that the jewelry store doesn`t. That is half the point of having it. They have my dd`s entire medical history, her list of meds, list of relatives and their phone numbers, her past surgery, her doctors` names and phone numbers, etc. And the phone number on the bracelet is open 24/7. So if we are in a car accident and we are both unconscious in the hospital they can get her whole medical history. A jewelry store doesn`t offer any of that. About the clasp, it is intentionally difficult to remove, as it is supposed to be on all the time. My dd was also a toddler when she got hers, and if you tell them no each time they ask to take it off, after a day or two they stop asking and the problem is solved.

On Aug 6, 2005


Just wait until they're 3 [img][/img] Then the fun REALLY begins...

We got my ds' bracelet through MedicAlert also, for all the same reasons that Carefulmom mentioned.

We got it for him when he was around 2. As far as wearing it, he wouldn't at first. I showed it to him, tried to put it on, he said no way. I was going to sneak it on him during a nap, and didn't get around to it. He does like playing with my watch though, so one day while he was playing with my watch, I took the bracelet out again. He let me put it on him, and hasn't taken it off since.

At first he complained, and wanted it off, and I told him it stays on. Gradually, he grew to like it, and now he can tell people what it says and he's proud of that. I remember a thread on here with all different suggestions on how to get them to wear it, if I have time later, I'll try to find it.

Have fun chasing [img][/img] Meg

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On Aug 6, 2005

I agree about the clasp. My son could not undo the clasp at age 5 when he first got his bracelet. I told him that was because he was not supposed to take it off and he thought that was a good idea.

He still has it on at age 20 and would never think of taking it off..


On Aug 6, 2005

I understand that that is why the clasp is so hard, but I prefer that he takes it off at night and when taking a bath. I always take off my watch and rings when going to bed, so it is a family habit.

I personally am not concerned that my son's medical history is not included with his bracelet. I don't think most paramedics would call anyway. They should know what to do once they read what the allergies are. I know that the paramedics in my town, and the nearby towns all carry Benadryl and epinephrine.

I'd probably go for the medicalert if we had the spare cash. But we are currently one income. Some months are close calls as it is, ya know?

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