Medic Alert EpiBelt


Long story short: our son has outgrown his EpiBelt and we need a new one. Medic Alert USA doesn't offer them, but Canada Medic Alert does.

The catch: Canada Medic Alert won't sell or ship to US members.

Would any Canada Medic Alert member be willing to help us get a couple of new belts? We would be very grateful!

Here's the link to the product: [url=""][/url]

Feel free to email me off board if you'd prefer.

Thank you!

On Nov 28, 2006

Ooops! It looks like I posted this under Restaurants. Sorry! I'm new to this posting thing. Can anyone tell me how to put this in the right category so it'll get answered properly? Again, I'm sorry.


On Nov 28, 2006

I posted it in the Main Discussion Board--

I hope that gets you some replies [img][/img]


On Nov 28, 2006

Thank you Momcat!

On Nov 28, 2006

Did you consider the E-Belt, it is on the shopping link on the homepage.

On Nov 30, 2006

Hi, yes I have considered E-belt, but the thing I liked the most about Medic Alert's version is that it says "Medic Alert" right on the belt instead of "E-Belt". I just feel like the Medic Alert one might grab the attention of a potential hero more quickly. I believe both belts are made by Zoni. A VERY good product. My son's belt has been through the war and is still keeping the pen clean and dry. Very sturdy!

On Dec 2, 2006

Ivanacure, welcome! [img][/img]

The MedicAlert EpiBelt is made by zoni. I was really pleased to discover this when I ordered it for my son the first time. What I really like, also, is the big MedicAlert symbol on the belt.

Did you find a Canadian to get one for you?

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On Dec 3, 2006

The "Medic Alert" printed right on the belt is my favorite feature too. That's why I'd really like another one instead of the E-Belt ordered from Zoni directly. For some reason Medic Alert in US doesn't feature those and Medic Alert Canada won't ship to the US. So far I haven't found a Canadian Medic Alert member interested, but I'll keep trying.