medic alert braclet


I just received the new sport medic alert bracelet. They are adorable for children. There were a few styles-sports, animals, music, and a few colors. They seem more comfortable for the children and they are adjustable. Our biggest concern with the orginal chain bracklet's were they always seemed to get caught up on the children's jackets and they hurt if someone grabbed the bracklet and not your hand or arm. I hope these work better for my children.

------------------ katie&eddie

On Mar 27, 2003

We are new this week. I will be ordering one of these tomorrow. Thanks for the advice!

------------------ Sheri

On Mar 27, 2003

tjpage and Natties Mom, welcome! [img][/img]

tjpage, are the bracelets from MedicAlert? U.S., Canada or elsewhere? I know I have been having a lot of difficulties with my son's regular MedicAlert bracelet but previous to this the only bands that were available were sports related - hockey teams I think and he's not into sports that much (what, a Canadian that isn't into hockey? [img][/img] )

I know that we'll be keeping this one until Jesse outgrows it but I have been having problems not only with the link on the one side but now with the clasp itself. We've almost lost it several times this year and he's been wearing one for four years now. This just doesn't seem to have been our year when it comes to PA related stuff. [img][/img]

Good to hear about, thank-you. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Mar 28, 2003

yes, these work beautifully for small children. My two year old has no problems wearing his "watch" because it has his favorite thing -animals-all over it. You can cut off the excess fabric and they will fit quite nicely.

Jaime [img][/img]