Medic Alert bracelet arrived but it\'s not on yet...

Posted on: Wed, 07/25/2007 - 2:11pm
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I thought I'd turn to you guys for a little support. I ordered a Medic Alert bracelet for my 4.5yr old PA/TNA daughter. It arrived last week, we tried it on, and she wanted it off right away (it's a little tight, I've ordered a bigger chain).

I know how ignorant this sounds, but I am dreading putting that bracelet on her - although I know it's important and could save her life. It just makes the PA/TNA so evident everytime I look at her - I want to see "her", not be reminded of an allergy. Does that make any sense?

I thought you might slap a little sense into me - I certainly need it!

BTW, I ordered the small, basic Medic Alert bracelet with the orange/yellow writing (dd favorite color). It's pretty ugly - it's bigger than I thought, or at least on her delicate little wrist. Maybe I should look for something more like jewelry?

I know I need to just get over it. Any advice? Thank you, Meg

Posted on: Wed, 07/25/2007 - 2:22pm
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You won't notice it so much after a while. It's too important to not wear it. Others may have advice about introducing one to your child's age. Mine got his when he was about a year old and couldn't say anything about it. It bothered him for about two days, then became routine. At this point, he'd probably feel weird if it was off.

Posted on: Wed, 07/25/2007 - 2:42pm
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Don't worry, you and she will get used to it soon. Don't let her see your reservations, and once it's on, don't take it off. Pretty soon it will just be part of her and no one will think twice about it.
Both my kids have worn their bracelets for years. It has never been an issue.
Mom to 8 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 4 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

Posted on: Wed, 07/25/2007 - 10:07pm
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OK, I'll "slap some sense into you" - psssffft, psssffft. (Did that sound like a slap?)
I got DS a medic alert at about the same age. He balked at first, but he's 13 now and the only time it has been off his wrist was when I had to order a bigger chain. Once in 9 years - that's it.
Believe me, if you met my son the bracelet would be the last thing you'd notice about him. You'd notice his long blonde-rock-god hair (I'm so jealous I could just spit, LOL), his wild sense of humor and his smile, way ahead of the bracelet. The only people who would notice the bracelet first are those who have been trained to do so - when it counts.
So yeah, get over it. [img][/img] [img][/img]

Posted on: Wed, 07/25/2007 - 10:39pm
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My son got his when he was about that age. He barely notices it now. He did fidget with it the first few days. He hasn't taken it off since.
Just put it on and don't worry. Kids adjust.

Posted on: Wed, 07/25/2007 - 11:03pm
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My DD got hers at about that age when she entered preschool. She's 12 now and has only taken it off a couple of times to change the size, when it was really hot one summer and when she got her tonsils out. She said it feels funny when its off.
I told her that she was special and this was a special bracelet just for her. We got the gold and silver emblem. After a while, its just part of her. Only a few people (not medics) have asked what her bracelet says and she proudly tells them. She knows it keeps her safe.
I know some have had some trouble with the beaded ones, but did you check them out? There are some pretty styles out there in place of just the basic one. Also, some people have had good luck with the sports bands. It is a good idea to have one, especially at your DD's age.

Posted on: Thu, 07/26/2007 - 1:55am
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I am looking in to getting this before mmy son starts school. He is 5 yrs old and pretty big for his age. Does the bracelet come in sizes when you first order it? How do I know it will fit?
Thank You Maria

Posted on: Thu, 07/26/2007 - 2:23am
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Thanks for the support - you guys rock. I try to check this website every other day or so for a dose of reality and encouragement!

Posted on: Thu, 07/26/2007 - 2:53am
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My son's bracelet was also too small when we first got it at age 4 and he hated it. I took it to a jewelry shop and they added a few links. We put it on his non-dominant hand so it wouldn't bother him when he learned to write. It has been on, continuously for three years now!
mom to Ari(7) - severe nut allergies, asthma, you name it - and Maya (10), mild excema

Posted on: Thu, 07/26/2007 - 6:58am
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Quote:Originally posted by antree:
[b]I am looking in to getting this before mmy son starts school. He is 5 yrs old and pretty big for his age. Does the bracelet come in sizes when you first order it? How do I know it will fit?
Thank You Maria[/b]
The bracelets from Medic Alert are custom sized. When you order, they give you instructions for measuring the child's wrist. If it doesn't fit when it comes, it can be adjusted.
It's a very good idea (and not just for school!) I highly recommend Medic Alert.
You can see the different bracelet options under "Products".

Posted on: Thu, 07/26/2007 - 12:19pm
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She is 4!! Put it on her as soon as you can. It is important and you (as well as she) need to respect it. It is part of her -not something odd or strange that you need to focus on.


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