medic alert bracelet?

Posted on: Wed, 08/13/2003 - 6:10am
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Does your child wear a medic alert bracelet? My husband don't want our son to grow up feeling weird because of his PA. I don't know, I hate to make him wear a bracelet every day. What do you do?

Posted on: Wed, 08/13/2003 - 6:28am
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My son started wearing a bracelet when he started kindergarten, but I wish I had gotten it for him sooner.
If your son ever gets separated from you, or you are unable to speak for any reason, there will be a clear communication via his Medic Alert. Also, the sooner they start wearing them, the less of an issue it is.
My son got lost at the beach when he was 2. Aside from the usual fear, I was hysterical thinking that someone would see him and try to comfort him by offering him food. If he was wearing a bracelet then if the person who found him had a brain they would check it. Of course if they didn't have a brain... [img][/img]
Just my $.02.
BTW, I don't think Kevin feels weird about his bracelet!

Posted on: Wed, 08/13/2003 - 7:18am
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I agree with Amy. We got my daughter one in kindergarten and I think that was a little too late. There have been a lot of excellent threads on this topic with a lot of compelling reasons to have one for pa children.
I also really like the fact that it may serve as a "memory jog" for teachers, camp counsellors, friends' parents during play dates, etc.
Our allergist discouraged us from getting one when our daughter was young, but with what I know now, I disagree with her.
You can get some really "cool" looking bracelets on some of the "independent" web sites that are not part of the medic alert system. (I'm O.K. with that, but I know many people prefer to actually be hooked up with medic alert.) I think there are also some official "sports band" types you can get through Medic Alert, which would probably be very cool for a little boy.
Good luck. I find it so hard when my husband and I do not see eye to eye on something that I feel is important.
[img][/img] Miriam

Posted on: Wed, 08/13/2003 - 7:31am
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Hi Leslief:
My son started wearing a silver medal medic alert bracelet when he started preschool. Aside from the usual reasons for wearing one, I have triplet boys (though not identical) and wanted to make sure that the teachers could keep straight who had the PA.
Fast foward to kindergarten, my sons medal bracelet got caught on the soccer net while playing goalie. So we then switched to the "sport type" bracelet that is fastened with velcro. He does not mind wearing it. I do admit that I allow him to take it off and put it in a designated spot (with my car keys) if we are at home. He prefers not to wear it (claims it itches some times), but understands that it is necessary to wear it to school, etc. He has not had any incidences of other kids making fun of it. The fact that it is velcro and he has some control over taking it off at home, etc actually makes it more easier to get him to wear it.
Sorry I am rambling, I only have a minute...but hope this helps anyway.

Posted on: Wed, 08/13/2003 - 8:30am
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I wanted to get one for my son when he was first diagnosed with PA. DH was against it--I think he did not (and may not still) realize the severity of Zak's PA. I didn't "stand up" to DH--wish I had. I wasn't working so I did not push for anything that required money.
In any event, I went ahead and ordered one (casually advising DH I was going to do so) for Zak to wear upon entering Kindergarten this year. I "worked with" Zak for weeks prior, had Zak choose it, etc. When it arrived, Zak would try it on but not wear it. With much talking, Zak put it on the next day and has only wanted to take it off when he takes a bath...for me, a reasonable request. Zak is afraid to go to school, afraid to leave Mommy, afraid Mommy won't be with him if he "eats a peanut." Getting the Medic Alert bracelet along with all the other things needed to get ready for school has made his fears stronger--if you know what I mean?
IMHO, get the Medic Alert bracelet as soon as possible so that it will become second nature...just like some (not me!) wear their wedding band!

Posted on: Wed, 08/13/2003 - 8:48am
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We got Mariah one at age 2. She loved it and was great about wearing her medic alert bracelet in pre-school and wore it on into kindergarten. Then she was teased (by a PA child in her kindergarten class who didn't wear one) and didn't want to wear it any longer. She switched to a necklace that she could keep under her shirt.
I can understand your husband's concern about not wanting such a visible "sign"... and my husband feels/felt the same way. He remembers (as a kid) seeing other kid(s) w/ medic alert bracelets and wondering what it meant, wondered what was "wrong"... and thinking it was sorta weird.
I think that the concern my husband has isn't really the bracelet, per se, but more that he doesn't want PA to "define" Mariah. I think the bracelet being so visible became an outward symbol~ a "label"~ in his mind, "advertising" to everyone about her PA. He expressed concern about how that attention and curiosity from others about her bracelet would affect her. This would never have hit my radar screen because I tend to always want to do everything and anything I can to protect her. But I realized, eventually, that he has a very good point. It did draw unwanted attention and comments, and that did, in fact, make Mariah uncomfortable.
Is that a good enough reason for us to allow her not to wear one? I don't know.
Currrently, at age 9, she doesn't want to wear one and we don't press it. She is seldom without us (except at school where the staff is very aware). But to be honest, I still go back and forth about it. "Down sides" do exist, but I don't know if they should really outweigh the safety benefits...

Posted on: Wed, 08/13/2003 - 11:23pm
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Hi All!
My 5 year old has been wearing a med bracelet for 3 years now. He can only wear the sports band kind since he is also allergic to nickel and the sports band kind does not have the nickel on his skin. We have NEVER left the house without it. He is also allergic to latex, penicillin and ibuprofen so (god forbid he needed medical assistance and I was unable to response to the medical help, they would know not to use latex gloves on him or give him the drugs.
We have a table we have in our foyer, I place my pocket book and keys on it when we get home and he always puts his bracelet in a bowl there, just for him. When we leave to go out he always knows where it is to put it on. I recently purchased two bands and we can interchange the look....
Hope that helps...
Also the school has it in our 504 that he is to always have it on... Now he doesn't know anything different.
Way of life, for him [img][/img]

Posted on: Thu, 08/14/2003 - 1:02am
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Ginger, interesting you mention the 504. It is in ours, too. Leah's first principal basically "insisted" it be in there.
I don't think Leah has ever been teased about her bracelet. We got ours from "Miss Brooke's" and it is a heart shaped emblem that I let her pick out. I think she actually likes having a pretty heart shaped bracelet on all the time. Especially when her beloved auntie pointed out that it was similar to the bracelet Elle wore in "Legally Blonde". Thank goodness for pop culture! [img][/img]
[img][/img] Miriam

Posted on: Thu, 08/14/2003 - 5:12am
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My son was diagnosed at 2 and we got him a bracelet the very next day from the drug store -- it didn't say anything on the back but had a medic alert look alike emblem. we wanted to get him used to it right away while we ordered the medic alert bracelet. He has never asked to take it off and it never bothers him. He is now 3 and when asked about his bracelet he says "no peanuts".
I am thankful he has one -- I just think what if I couldn't communicate for him or what if he got lost -- plus it is a great reminder for friends and family about the seriousness of it.

Posted on: Thu, 08/14/2003 - 6:10pm
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We also got a "sports band" type wristband from an independent site (not Medic Alert) for our son who is entering Kindergarten this year.
We also were "late to the game" in getting this for him, given the valid reasons stated by others in previous posts on this topic. If we had to do it over again, would have definitely bought this for him even when he was younger...
Anyway, our son is thrilled with his, so we've had absolutely no problem with him wearing it. He's looking forward to showing it to his new classmates at school.

Posted on: Thu, 08/21/2003 - 9:44pm
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i am a 12 year old and i wear the bracelet, but to be honest, i dont mind it at all! and no one at my school ever makes fun of me for it or singles me out. i say, you should get it, it could be worth it in the future!


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