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Meat question (and vent)

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My DD was diagnosed with a PA allergy this week. We navigated her birthday party with Breyers fruit pops and Betty Crocker cake made with apple sauce instead of vegetable oil and we used the cake mate decorations. Thanks to the info on this site I knew to go towards and research those labels during the "first grocery trip".

I am overwhelmed scared out of my mind over here and am so thankful for this site. We have no idea how we will handle visiting a relative for four days for Thanksgiving when we don't even know what manufactures to trust or not more or less to read the label at their house and make a decision right on the spot as to if she can eat it. Thanks for reading my ramble but I know you guys know about this.

Anyway just focusing on today and trying to make Tacos for dinner does anyone know about Jeane o (sp?) ground turkey and it's natural flavoring. Does their natural flavoring contain peanuts or made on the same lines as other peanut things? Or is there a brand you do use because the manufacturer said no nuts. DD has had a lot of fruit and vegetables lately.

Thank you so much for any feedback at all, we really do appreciate it.

On Nov 18, 2006

first, i know how confusing this is in the beginning (and sometimes further down the road as well). take it one step at a time and use these boards for resources -- it's really a big help.

second, we use jennie-o products for my 4y/o daughter who is peanut and dairy allergic (ground turkey, turkey cutlets, turkey sausage, turkey hot dogs). i have called and spoken with jennie-o representatives on several occasions (as recently as the past two months) and have been assured they are free of dairy and all nuts.

i hope this helps a little. also, there is a thread on the "main discussion" board, i believe, about relatives and thanksgiving. maybe you can get a few tips/ideas there.

good luck.

On Nov 18, 2006

Thank you so very much about sharing your expierence. My DD is 4 as well and has loved Jeane o for a while and I have not noticed any reactions. It is great to folks expierence with them. I emailed them last nite and it may be a few days till they send me an answer. Thanks again

On Nov 18, 2006

cog, one thing that has changed with U.S. labeling laws as of this past January is that food manufacturers have to disclose ingredients that contain the major allergens. So natural flavoring that is peanut has to be disclosed. That won't tell you if the flavoring is produced on the same lines as peanut flavoring, but it isn't peanut itself. So cross-contamination labeling is still at the discretion of the manufacturer, but they can't hide the major allergens under code names.

It's so hard at first! You have to read every label and think about every angle; well, you'll always have to do that, but it will get easier. Good luck!

On Nov 18, 2006

Love Jennie-O, too. I am allergic to chicken (not anaphylactic) and have eaten this for several years. I like to keep the packaged burgers in the freezer for times when I need a quick portion of gr. turkey or for burgers.

The Perdue gr. turkey is the best, but has gotten really hard to find in my area. My groceries have gone to carrying "store brands", which I tend to stay away from.

Welcome, Daisy

PS: This section doesn't get as much traffic. Try the Manufacturer's section next time.

On Jan 12, 2007

I need to buy stock in Jennie-O...I have 2 kids allergic to beef and pork, so recently I have been using turkey-meat for everything!! My 1yr old is getting upset tummies from the turkey though, so I hope that's not a sign of something. We just had pancakes(made with rice milk and applesauce) and turkey sausage for dinner...and so far the Jennie-O has been fine with my peanut/nut and milk allergy kids too!

On Jan 12, 2007


Originally posted by bethc: [b]one thing that has changed with U.S. labeling laws as of this past January is that food manufacturers have to disclose ingredients that contain the major allergens. So natural flavoring that is peanut has to be disclosed. [/b]

Unfortunately, the new law only applies to food regulated by the FDA, not USDA see [url=""][/url]

Meat and poultry are not required to list allergens.


By mangomama on Jul 21, 2011

Hello Everyone! This is my first post. I think I saw a question on allergic reactions to Jennie-O and my child had same reaction and I found some answers.

My son is diagosed with Asthma and Food Analphylaxis to Peanuts, Treenuts, Sesame, Shellfish but more recently he has become allergic to certain meats. In fact one day I received a call from school and when I arrived his lips and tongue were swollen and he was having trouble breathing. What happened was that the school switched from beef hot dogs to turkey hot dogs by Jennie-O.

I found out from Public meat manager whom has same allergies including allergic reaction to Jennie-O, that Jennie-O is treated with MSG and MSG and asthma create an allergic reaction! That is how I found out as our allergy doctor never relayed this! Children with asthma have a reaction to MSG which can be in any meats. MSG is by many other names although I forgot. Frozen foods are the worst, including of course shellfish. Actually we do not know if he is allergic to the shellfish, msg, or both. So, we always inquire when pork (or any meat) is served.

Blessings, Susan