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Just a reminder to check at each and every restaurant you go to. We were travelling and stopped into a McDonalds near Cleveland. The woman checked the oil for us and she found out it was peanut oil. It was used for all the fried foods. I am glad we asked!

On Nov 25, 2001

I just can't believe this! Thank you for the alert; have you called McDonalds corporate? Why are any of them using peanut oil? If they do, there should be a big sign on the door! Anyway, glad to hear that you asked first and that you are safe!

On Nov 25, 2001

Actually, I didn't even think about calling corporate, but now I will. I don't remember which McDonalds it was (just right outside of Cleveland), but maybe my husband will.

On Apr 11, 2002

There is a lot of good Mcdonald's info on the board, but under too many McDonald's topics. Chris is there anyway to combine these? They all have good info and it would be nice to have a single McDonald's topic. [img][/img]


Just bringing this post over from the main discussion board -

nonutsforus Member Posts: 2 Registered: Mar 2002 posted April 11, 2002 04:16 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was sad to find out this morning that McDonalds Blueberry muffins are made in a plant that manufactures peanuts. The manager was nice enough to pull the box label before we bought one to be sure it was peanut free, and on the bottom of the label it had "the warning". Ugh! Is nothing safe ?