McDonald\'s shakes


Anyone ever have a problem with McDonald's triple thick shakes? My daughter had a chocolate one yesterday and has had hives all over her since. She's never had problems with McDonald's before, but I'll never get her their shakes again.

On Nov 2, 2002

No my son has them all the time with no problems. (In fact he is drinking one right now...) I only let him have the vanilla flavor though - although McD's website says that ALL of the milkshakes are safe for pn/tn allergic people. Did you watch them make it? I ask because I always check to make sure they don't have any of the McFlurry toppings sitting on top of the shake machine. I guess it is possible something else got into her shake. All of the peanuts should be sealed in individual serving bags though. I was told recently by a McDonalds area manager that all of the McDonalds (U.S.A.) would be phasing peanuts out of their restaurants entirely! Not sure if it absolutey true-but how cool if it is!


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On Nov 2, 2002

No, I didn't see them make it. We went to the drive thru. It's been over 24 hours though and she still has this rash, so I'm not sure if it's from food or not. Her doctor said to keep giving her Benadryl unless she gets worse and to bring her back on Monday if it doesn't improve. She's never had a bad reaction to peanuts before, just a few hives with her first reaction and we've managed to avoid them so far. Do you know if hives last this long? That's definitely what they look like.

On Nov 4, 2002

I do not know about the shake, but the hives can last a looong time. My dh is still battling some itch after 2 weeks! His was possible a contact reaction to a laundry product(he is not PA, our dd is). The hives were present for 8-10 days, aggrivated by heat, sweating, and he had prescription ointment and antihistamine. So, I do believe they can linger once they flare. It makes it so hard to pin down the culprit too. I hope your dd is better soon. becca

On Nov 4, 2002

Last week, I was told at my local McDonald's that they will no longer have nuts (even in the sealed bag) at any of their restuarants. However, I know they still have the M&M's for MCFlurry's so maybe one fell in or that McDonald's still has some nuts hanging around. Hope your child is feeling better soon!