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McDonalds now has peanut butter cup McFlurries!

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My family has not been to a restaurant for 6 yrs except McDonalds, Pizza Hut and recently Red Robin. We have always been so thankful that we could go to McD for an ice cream, fresh baked cookie even a birthday cake, not to mention food on the run or while traveling. Our son is 9 with P/A and T/A. We have felt that McD has taken precausions with nuts because the peanuts they have are in a sealed plastic bag and only given when requested with a sunday, so they are not in the kitchen with the possibility for cross contamination. We were devestated yesterday when we pulled up for an ice cream cone and saw that they now serve peanut butter cup McFlurries! we did not order and our son was so dissapointed ! I came home and e-mailed and called them and they just said that they were sure the staff would "try" to be careful and that they may (but not sure) only have them until June 24th. I told him that he clearly does not understand the severity of food allergies and that because of the PB cups there, there would be a possibility of it getting on hands of the workers,food, counters,money and so on. I also tried to explain how when that is really one of the only places that helps us feel " normal" ( being able to order @ Birthday parties, and just pulling up and ordering food like the rest of the world)that now for it to be gone is very hard for us. I wanted to make sure I passed the information on and also invite you to share your concerns and feedback with them, I let him know that many P/A families depend on places like McD and that I am sure I am not the only one who will NOT be risking my childs life for a hamburger.I hope that someday food chains will understand that they can have a great place to eat WITHOUT nuts! Their contact information : phone # 1-800-244-6277 address: McDonald's Corporation, 2111 McDonald's Dr. Oak Brook IL. 60523 If they hear from enough people maybe they will get the message. I am curious if anyone else has called them already or how you plan to handle going there or not.

By hollya on May 20, 2010

I know I just saw that yesterday. McDonald's has always been our safe place....glad to see they won't have them forever.

By B3K on May 20, 2010

lets hope and pray they don't , sometimes if they have a promotion and it goes well they put it on the menu that's why I think it is important that we let them know how this will affect so many people , hopefully they would keep that in mind when considering making it an item on the menu.

By ritpet on May 22, 2010

I would hate to see this item perminatly on their menu. It is one of the place we feel we can trust in Canada and in the States. I agree that we need to let them know how much we appriciate them providing a safe place for our children to eat by not having items that contain peanut products. (other than the sealed bags of peanuts for sundays)

By CJChiO on May 23, 2010

Hi...I'm new but wanted to let you know what I saw at mine...

I went there,not knowing about this, ate and all was ok. I think I got lucky. I went back up to get ice cream and there was Reese cup bits everywhere. I don't know how I didn't see it because it was spilled out by where the drinks were.All over the counter, and the people sticking their bare hands in the tub scooping it out and getting PB all over themselves, went and grabbed french fries.

By cmvervais on May 31, 2010

Just a side note, I have also noticed that their cookie bags say "may have been exposed to peanut dust". I don't let my daughter eat any ice cream, cookies, or salads at McDonalds. I'm a little disappointed about the McFlurry, and may have to cut back on our trips there until the promotion is over.

By Mom2K on Jun 19, 2010

I e-mailed McDs and received this response, not terribly useful. I commented on how I was disappointed to see the PB McFlurry and that the restaurant I visited had Reeses allover the counter and that if employees touched the PB and then touched other food items or surfaces they could impact the PA people out there. Anyway I plan to speak with the local manager at our McD to find out more info b/c it is very concerning. I have let DD have the ice cream (never the McFlurry) there in the past but now I'm even worried about other food items.

Anyway this was the response...It's unclear when the 100 days of Summer ends...September? Who knows. :(

Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald's regarding our Reese's Peanut Butter Cup McFlurry dessert. We are offering a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup McFlurry in our U.S. restaurants as part of the Shrek and "100 Days of Summer" promotions. Following these national promotions, this item may remain on menus in local markets.

The Reese's Peanut Butter Cup McFlurry contains peanut butter (peanuts) which is one of the top 8 allergens recognized by the Federal Drug Administration. In preparation to offer the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup McFlurry, we provided additional operations and crew training to reduce the risk of cross-contact with other products. This includes dedicating special containers and scoops for these products. However, all flavors of McFlurry utilize the same equipment.

The safety and well-being of our customers is a top priority at McDonald's. Therefore, in an abundance of caution, we wanted to make customers with peanut allergies aware of this promotion so they can make whatever decisions they deem appropriate in visiting our restaurants.

Again, thank you for your interest in McDonald's.

By CJChiO on Jun 22, 2010

I got that email too.

By dorry85 on Jun 26, 2010

All of the Mcdonald's restaurants handle food safety differently and just be mindful that staff is not always trained thoroughly in food safety. I will point out that my child has a food allergy and they will head straight for the sink to wash hands. This is probably the only safe thing for them to do considering they have become a mini Starbucks and have items like hazelnut flavored coffee, provide bagged nuts for parfaits and now the Reeses Pieces. Keep in mind most of the workers on duty are high school students and food saefty is not a priority for them.

By mamabearserenity on Jun 27, 2010

It is sickening. They seem to pride themselves on being allergy-aware and then go and add peanut butter cups to their menu. So the staff is apparently trained in cross-contact at every McDonald's in the U.S. and the staff apparently cares and realize the extreme risk they pose to some allergic individuals if they don't follow the guidelines. Right. So if they don't wash their hands after handling the McFlurries and then grab a happy meal for a PA child, bad news. I am sure they think Purell will do the job of washing allergen off their hands. I saw that Reese's bin and the peanut butter was all over the handle. That tells me that there is a significant amount of peanut butter all over that kitchen, cash register and counter. I am disappointed. I haven't broken the news to my PA allergic child, only his little brother when we had to leave. She had touched the handle and then went to take our money. He will be extremely disappointed. I will call them for sure.

On another note to a PP, the cookies have traces of nuts in them. And Pizza Hut uses peanut oil in their sauces, etc. Check their website.

By mamabearserenity on Jul 15, 2010

I have only seen the open stainless steel bin (with a spoon) of mashed up peanut butter cups in the McDonald's restaurants I have visited. It wasn't stored in the regular McFlurry bins where they pour out the toppings. The restaurant employee walked over to the McFlurry bin of peanut butter cups and picked up the spoon, handle visibly laden with peanut butter, to show me where it was located. From my experience and the experiences others have posted about on this topic, there is a high risk of cross-contamination. Flurries would not be safe for nut-allergic individuals who cannot eat food with trace amounts of nuts.

By Zachnunes on Jul 14, 2010

Do you guys know how a mcflurrie is made?

The candy bits (oreo, reese, kit kat, whatever) is in a sealed container. They take the cup full of ice cream (which is seperate from the candy containers) and put the candy in it by pulling a lever (thier hands don't touch the nuts). The thing that mixes the icream cream is the spoon, so there is NO CROSS CONTAMINATION! Their hands never touch the nuts. The only thing containing nuts is that specific flurrie.

Flurries are safe. However, there is a lot more to be said about going to McDonalds all the time to avoid peanuts. 99.9999% of restaurants in North America, and Europe completely understand peanut allergies.

By Mrsdocrse on Jul 18, 2010

Thank you so much for posting the info. I have emailed and called to ask them to take it off the menu. I encourage everyone else to do the same! Therese

By Zachnunes on Jul 22, 2010

Ok this still doesn't make sense. How does the peanut butter cups cross contaminate?

If I get an oreo flurrie they would fill it with ice cream (that machine only has vanilla ice cream) then dump oreos in it (which are in a sealed container that could not have cross contamination). Lastly they would mix it with the spoon. If someone before you had a peanut butter one mixed it wouldn't matter since the spoon that does the mixing is changed with every flurry (its the spoon you eat with).

Really don't see cross contamination an issue. Peanuts being in the same building does not equal cross contamination. McDonalds is doing everything it needs to do to be Peanut safe.

B3K said "My family has not been to a restaurant for 6 yrs except McDonalds, Pizza Hut and recently Red Robin." Are you crazy? That is no way to live. You should and can eat saefly at many many more places. I feel sorry for you and your family. Please stop living in a bubble.

By CJChiO on Jul 22, 2010

They put it in a bin with a scoop. It sits over a counter top. I went in and the PB was all over the counter.

I repeat: it's not in the little dispensers at every McD's.

I have a pretty lax comfort zone, but there was PB everywhere, and the girls making the flurries were picking up food and putting it on trays.

There are many times I am risky and eat at a lot ofplaces that have nuts on the menu.

Why do you feel the need to be so judgemental? Everyone needs to have respect on here because we all deal differently. Everyone has different reasons as to why they choose to eat out or not eat out. Knock it off.

EDIT: and I beg to differ that 99.99999% of restos "get allergies." I have my few safe places that I will use in a pinch. I do try new places.

Quite a few times I was told they wouldn't serve me because of allergies.

Do you even have food allergies? Because it seems to me that someone with allergies would be able to grasp simple concepts. Like why PB all over the counter is dangerous for someone with nut allergies. I refuse to risk my life for a cheeseburger. And, as I said, many places won't serve food allergic people.

By Zachnunes on Jul 22, 2010

Ok if it was all over the counter that is a different story. That isn't just a PA issue but also a cleanliness issue in general. Also that seems to be an issue with those workers in particular, not McDonalds as a whole.

I am allergic to peanuts, treenuts, kiwi, and chicken. I know how difficult it is. Yes some places freak out over allergies and refuse to serve you. That is why I order obviously safe things and most the time don't tell them about my allergy. I also almost always skip dessert to be safe. When i travelled in China, Thailand, and Cambodia it was especially hard.

If you are restricting yourself to a few fast food chains, PA is going to be the least of your worries when you are unhealthy.

By CJChiO on Jul 22, 2010

And not telling them is your choice, and I respect that. My comfort zone is not that lax. I just don't think that because someone chooses to not eat out (which I would argue is healthier anyway than eating out all of the time...) that they need to be told to stop living in a bubble. It's their choice. Please have some respect for other people's CZ's.

I don't understand how it is unhealthy to restrict food out to a few fast food places. I mean, wouldn't eating at home be the main source of food? How is that unhealthy?

By mamabearserenity on Jul 22, 2010

I second everything CJChiO said. Zachnunes, please read people's posts more carefully before you make such harsh remarks to them and broad statements about the restaurants in the U.S. and the entire world. We have been explaining our experiences with peanut butter not being contained and sealed up at McDonald's and the cross-contamination we have seen. I am surprised you haven't had a reaction from eating in a restaurant in your worldly travels. Perhaps you don't have a high sensitivity to the foods you are allergic to since cross-contamination isn't that much of a concern of yours. It's one thing to share your experiences, but it's wrong to attack people for their choices, questions and concerns. This is not what this board is about.

By mamabearserenity on Jul 24, 2010

A lot of people think that hand sanitizers will do the trick. I remember McDonald's telling me years ago that they use Purell if they touch nut products. Now that was one person, at one place. (This was before I knew that Purell wouldn't get rid of protein and before I realized there was very little chance of cross-contamination as everything was sealed.) Until now, of course.

Who knows if they all are allergy-aware. It's not just about if or how well a manager implements a cross-contamination policy through training. It's also about how well that manager follows through with it to be sure the staff is abiding by it. And clearly, there's a huge risk now. For a restaurant that prides itself on being allergy-aware, what do they have to say now? They can do what they want; it's just disappointing when you have nut-allergic kids who love McDonald's occassionally.

By Mom2K on Jul 24, 2010

Zachnunes said. "The candy bits (oreo, reese, kit kat, whatever) is in a sealed container. They take the cup full of ice cream (which is seperate from the candy containers) and put the candy in it by pulling a lever (thier hands don't touch the nuts). The thing that mixes the icream cream is the spoon, so there is NO CROSS CONTAMINATION! Their hands never touch the nuts. The only thing containing nuts is that specific flurrie."

BUT remember, someone is filling those containers and it is possible that they are getting it on their hands and not washing up immediately afterwards and touching other items in the restaurant. This is what worries me about the Reeses...I think someone in the restaurant is opening the individual Reeses, I saw a stray individually wrapped PB cup on the counter. So someone is sitting there opening them and putting them in the container (at ours it was NOT the dispenser but a stainless tub).

I DO NOT believe that their hands never touch the nuts, they absolutely do! And I've seen Purell dispensers being used, which does not help with peanut protein so if they don't use soap and water something could happen.

I still need to contact the manager of our closest store to get more info.

By takizakura on Aug 11, 2010

Our local McDonald's in Ottawa does not have the peanut butter McFlurries. What a relief!

By nmainmom on Aug 26, 2010

The Mcflurry "toppings" in our McD's IS NOT "sealed" either. An open "bin" with a scoop. We haven't gotten a McFlurry for a few months because of this too. When the stop selling the "peanut butter" McFlurrys, we'll be back. (BTW I already know of two other families in my same town that have done the same!)

By Jake JJ on Sep 22, 2010

Excuse me, but I have to laugh. You people are all hot and bothered about peanuts, but you expose your children to the corporate swill that McDonald's serves? You should be arrested for child abuse, thrown in homes for the criminally stupid, or both. Peanuts are the least of your problems, and you deserve whatever you get!

By Username on Sep 23, 2010

I have to agree with Jake. How on earth can you allow your children to eat that garbage?

instead of over protecting your kids you should have exposed your kids to some dirt, nuts, anything that's going to help them build up immunities to nuts etc. Had you done this you wouldn't be worrying about feeding them high fat high sugar treats that areprobably going to kill them early in life anyway.

Allergic to Fraus.

By SnowflakeMelter on Sep 23, 2010

"My family has not been to a restaurant for 6 yrs except McDonalds, Pizza Hut and recently Red Robin."

THIS is what is wrong with America, people who think this passes for food.

It is not up to the world to adjust to YOU and your snowflake. YOU must teach your child to adjust to the world. YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL. You should be happy that you have a child that cannot eat the crap food served at these places. Instead, you are so upset Jr. cannot induldge in your fast food feedings.

By SnowflakeMelter on Sep 23, 2010


"you eaty"

That's why I eat instead of "eaty."

By CJChiO on Sep 23, 2010

You know what, your right...McD's is not real food...HOWEVER. Sometimes it's nice to be able to go eat with my friends, or grab a quick bite before classes. I have a food allergy thatwill kill me. Where do you people come from? Where do you get off saying this crap?No, I am not happy that I could die from food.Oh, and no one knows what causes allergies. I played outside all the time, ate nuts, and still ended up allergic to them. So, unless you have MD after your name, sit down and shut it.

You think that we are moaning and groaning because we want to feel special? Are you kidding me? I want to be normal. I want to eat a meal without worrting about DEATH. I could die, these kids could die by a small amount of food they are allergic to. So excuse us for being upset that one more place isn't safe for us. Excuse me for wanting to be normal, and able to go eat there if I wanted to. Excuse me for having a disability (and yes, it is a disability)

Please, don't come on here where people come for support ( i.e. to get away from PEAPLE LIKE YOU)

You have no right to come on here and moan and groan unless you KNOW what we go through. Think for a min. Think about how your life would be if a single bite of food could kill you. What would you be like if ever meal you eaty could be the last thing you ever do? Think that would be hard or draining?

So please, before you come on here and take it out on us because Jr. can't eat a pb&j at school, think about what we go through everyday, and be thankful you don't have to worry about it. Thank God you don't have to worry about it, and pray you never will. My allergies didn't show until I turned 20.

By Jake JJ on Sep 23, 2010

"You think that we are moaning and groaning because we want to feel special?"

Yes, to be honest. So-called "peanut allergies" are like the tobacco smoke "allergies" that so many women claim to suffer. It's almost always a bunch of histrionics. All of that's amusing enough, but passing this along to your kids isn't funny.

Hey, did it ever occur to you that if you didn't weigh 220 pounds and spend all day stuffing your face instead of getting out and walking a couple of miles, maybe you wouldn't be so "allergic?" Keep the kids out of McDonald's and put 'em into school sports, and watch the "allergies" go away.

By lucifer on Sep 23, 2010

wow you sound like a runt cj, maybe you should never think of procreating as you'd be a terribly horrid parent. I can only imagine just how much you'd coddle your little offspring. You're a runt and you're inabilities in handling normal life within our society threaten everyone elses in it. Please DON'T have kids!

By CJChiO on Sep 23, 2010

Ummm yeah, I make up the fact that I had to be rushed to an ER because my throat was closing over. Right. And I enjoy giving myself epi pen injections. Right. Oh and I have had asthma attacks from smoke...but hey tell yourself that these are made up. I've almost died.

I don't have children. I am the allergic one.

The weight comment just shows your ignorence. And OH NO! I typed eaty instead of eat. Good Lord, can you find nothing better to do with your time? Other then harass people with a life threatening allergy? The childishness you both show just tells me that you are only here to bug people, not make a valid point. So go back to the rock you live under, and let us be.

By CJChiO on Sep 23, 2010

Why don't you go learn something?

By skm001 on Mar 19, 2011

you are sick.

By nutts2buttts on Sep 24, 2010

I was baby sitting a a kid when I was in the Navy and I didn't realize he had a nut allergy. I noticed he was having a reaction so I did dial 911 and I gave him a Benadryl that I was carrying for a cold I received from not having protected sex. ( It was just a glory hole for god's sake).

From that point on I was a hero for saving the kid from death and I still watched the kid until I was discharged but I would give the kid a tablespoon of Jif just so my friends could watch the kid convulse and grab his throat. I charged admission for this side show and I used the money for a weekly keg party at the Enlsited Club. I was the belle of the ball so to speak.

By skm001 on Mar 19, 2011

As far as I know, McDonalds has offered peanut butter cup mcflurry's for at least 10 years - at least at the location near my house.

oh PS Don't do Dairy Queen. I worked there during high school and it's terrible in their ice cream "chill" area! Cross contamination up the wazzoo!