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Bad News

I was in McDonalds today...Something I rarely do. I usually go thru the drive thru
as it is easier most days!!!

Well today I was shocked to see that they now has Reese's as a topping for the flurys.

I asked when this started & they replied we've had it for a while but just got the sign. ( small one up on the board)

I used to consider McD's to be our safest option. Well to make matters worse the m&m's and Oreos are stored in sealed containers on a wall around the corner from the actual ice cream mach. BUT the REESES are stored OPEN directly below the nosel for the ice cream. Just imagine all the tiny particles stirred in the air everytime this mach starts up!!!

I was almost sick to my stumach & started crying just talking to the staff that laughed at the thought that this could be a risk...

Why are the less allergen items stored so safely when a peanut product is NOT!!!!

& McDonald's prides them selves at being aware & SAFE....

I checked their site & looked under ing. & didn't see Reeses added to the toppings....

There was nothing that would alarm a customer of the possible risk!!!

So I tried posting her first but for some reason I got a message I was not a member??

Anyway I got off the computer & called McD's headoffice... Where I was told it is not on the list of Ing. because it is only at some McD's & the Ing's are basically listed with it is a standard policy.

How can a company be so careful to now individually wrap they peanuts & then turn around & play with peanut products so foolishly???????

So I now consider McD's to be a risk with all items (airborn & C/C)

Please if you choose to eat at a McD's GO IN we can't trust them as much as we thought & at least inside you might see such changes where you wont if you are at the drive tru

When I left I looked at the drive tru sign & it was NOT an option!!!!So I would have likely bought DS one if I had not gone in.

Please please take the time to write call etc.... To see if they can remove this topping.....


(Ps. I now believe when i had to take DS in for coughing, clearing of throat, penis swelling & hive after eating at McD's (milkshake which is made on the smae mach.)
to have been a P reaction.!!!!

Please be Careful
(US location)

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