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Posted on: Thu, 04/11/2002 - 11:07am
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Just bringing this post over from the main discussion board -
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posted April 11, 2002 04:16 PM
I was sad to find out this morning that McDonalds Blueberry muffins are made in a plant that manufactures peanuts. The manager was nice enough to pull the box label before we bought one to be sure it was peanut free, and on the bottom of the label it had "the warning". Ugh! Is nothing safe ?

Posted on: Thu, 09/05/2002 - 5:44am
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We do not let our PA son eat McDonalds due to the potential of cross contamination from ingredients used in McFlurries (such as Butterfingers). We eat at Wendy's. As far as I know, they do not have any products with peanuts (although they have some new salads which include pre-packaged toppings -- like Chinese noodles -- which lists possible cross contamination with peanuts).

Posted on: Thu, 09/05/2002 - 7:23am
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McFlurries are dangerous in the USA as they do use Nestle Butterfingers.
However, they are safe in Canada as they use safe Nestle bars (ie: Smarties, Coffee Crisp etc). McDonalds do not use Butterfingers in Canada as far as I know.

Posted on: Thu, 09/05/2002 - 2:36pm
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hi thanks for replying i have another question for you guys. Does any one out there have a hard time eating out even at fast food resturants like wendys or mcdonalds due to there oil/ingredients? i dont seem to trust anybody! i just dont want to take the chance of another reaction .

Posted on: Sat, 09/07/2002 - 10:11am
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It's so rare we eat out. I do take my son (4 years old, PA only) to Wendy's but only after personally reading their oil container! The last time I stopped at Wendy's--no one seemed to speak much English. I let my son eat anyway--no problem. However, it's such a hassle that I try to avoid it. The only other time we eat out is when in-laws visit. Then we only go to one restaurant (Buddy's in Laurel, MD) which seems very allergy aware and kid friendly. I call ahead and alert the manager we're coming. The staff is great--manager and head chef come to the table and the waiter/waitress "walks" our food through the kitchen to be sure no contamination occurs. Never a problem. However, I prefer to eat at home--so much more relaxing and worry-free!

Posted on: Sat, 09/07/2002 - 1:57pm
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I am in Canada and McDonalds is the only restraunt I let Megan eat at. Up here all the peanuts are in individual servings in plastic. Knock on wood we have not had any reactions from there.

Posted on: Sat, 09/21/2002 - 2:01am
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wow! i am so glad that i haven't eaten mcflurries or hot cakes at mcdonalds! now i know not to try them! here are a few things that i've learned... read all chocolate labels... even if it seems to just simply be chocolate...lots of times the chocolate is shiny because it's been dipped in peanut oil (like m&m's), also any kind of chocolate sauce is a risk too. when you go away (or send your kids to college) watch out for the self serve ice cream barrels in the cafeteria. "cross-scooping" occurs far too often!

Posted on: Sat, 09/21/2002 - 11:56am
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Anonymous (not verified)

We eat at MacDonald's and Wendy's on occasion. Mostly hamburger happy meal. On a rare occasion pancakes...but no reactions.

Posted on: Mon, 09/23/2002 - 11:49am
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Maybe cross-contamination?
My son has a severe pa, (as i listed in recent post under new member introductions).
We eat at mcadees all the time! I just don't give him things that could be contaminated with the peanuts they use in mcflurries. He eats the pancakes all the time with syrup or strawberry jelly. come to think of it.....he eats cheesburgers (plain), fries, hash browns, and the barbecue sauce, but lately, he doesn't like the sauce. Now, that is just him. I could be wrong, but, he does have an extensively documented allergy, and really high level on all the blood tests...............
I'll tell you what we do have probs with, he throws up within minutes of eating a hershey's kiss or m & m's. Certain hot dogs at chain stores, and lentils cause reactions. So we don't use them anymore. But, we haven't seen the need to eliminate mcadees from the menu. when we go to Dairy queen............. we ask for sprinkles from the new restock bin, since once, he found a tiny bit of peanut on his cone (cross contamination from a busy night at Dairy Queen). Good thing he watches what he eats...............literally! He pointed it out to me on his cone. Imagine my surprise. Needless to say, the help gave us a new cone and a big cup of "new" sprinkles to go with it! Of course, my younger guy (age 2) GOT JEALOUS. THEN WE HAD 2 CUPS OF SPRINKLES! I don't eliminate every place on the map, but we are careful. And we always carry the Epi-Pen!

Posted on: Tue, 09/24/2002 - 1:21pm
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thanks mommabear for all your infomation about where you go . we now belong to the food allergy network and i sent away for a booklet with all food manufactures so that i know what foods are made on contamanated lines there is a lot they cannot have but im still searching.


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