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Posted on: Wed, 06/26/2002 - 7:47am
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McDonald's shakes have Guar Gum which is in the legume family. My PA son, who is allergic to some legumes, has reacted to Happy Meal w/ Vanilla Shake. Printed McD ingredients out and researched until I found out about the Guar Gum..He has never had a problem with the cheeseburgers and french fries...only when he added the shake to the mix!

Posted on: Tue, 09/03/2002 - 3:38am
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Joined: 03/27/2001 - 09:00

I just saw on the news that McDonald's is changing the oil used for their french fries. Has anyone heard about this or know what type of oil is going to be used? This is due to be in all restaurants by October.

Posted on: Tue, 02/04/2003 - 3:04pm
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I too agree that there is something strange about McD's oil. I had a mild reaction to their french fries the other day too. I just eamailed them to find out what's going on. I almost wish the allergist would do a soy test on me--perhaps I am developing an allergy to soy or something else that I don't know about. But as of last Thursday, I will NEVER eat FRench Fries from McD's AGAIN! YUCK!!

Posted on: Wed, 02/05/2003 - 8:51am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Canadian specific - we've never had any problems with McDonald's. In fact, Jesse and I have eaten there twice in the last week (I know, that sounds decadent on one hand and BAD MOMMY-ish on the other [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/eek.gif[/img] ) I did pick up one of their food information brochures and I'll have to check it to see what it says.
I do know that I stick with their meal packages pretty well, I don't get muffins or any other baked goods.
We even had Jesse's birthday party there in December and the cake they provided was PA safe.
Again, this is all Canadian specific though.
Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Posted on: Wed, 02/19/2003 - 8:01am
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Joined: 12/12/2002 - 09:00

Just now saw the post from June about the Vanilla Shake. Our McDonalds stores its shake lids under the flurry ingredients. They get a fresh lid from a closed package for my son to prevent contamination. He is severely allergic to all legumes and does fine with their shakes, but each child is different. Recently, our McDonalds did away with the Butterfinger flurry. It might be because we are their best customers.

Posted on: Wed, 02/19/2003 - 9:21am
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All the McDonald's around me..Mass only offer M&M and Oreo flavor and they no longer serve any nuts w/ the sundaes. I was told it was a national thing but maybe it is just regional...Does anyone know?

Posted on: Wed, 02/19/2003 - 2:03pm
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I think I read somewhere here that McDonald's is phasing out all the nuts?? I wish I could remember the thread it was in. I was wondering if this would include the McFlurry add-ins. If it's true, I think it's great. The Canadian McDonald's are safe and it has always irritated me that a U.S. company behaves better in Canada than they do in the U.S.

Posted on: Thu, 02/20/2003 - 7:46am
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Sandra...I was told at McD's in Mass that they no longer serve any nuts or anything containing nuts. This is the answer I got when I ordered a sundae and said...Pls no nuts. I hope the worker was right! Also our locations around here only have M and M and oreo...better than what they used to carry.

Posted on: Sat, 03/01/2003 - 10:45am
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I called our McDonalds just the other day to ask about their oil. The manager adamantly said "NO WAY" to the use of peanut oil in their store. He said they even use individual packages of nuts for the ice cream products so that there is no cross contamination because they know that so many people have nut allergies.
I was very thrilled to hear this!

Posted on: Sun, 01/07/2001 - 1:20pm
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At my Mcdonalds I have never seen Peanuts out at all. There are only a few mcdonald in my area that I go to. We go so much that one of them know me. If I were you I would call the manager and complain. Mcdonalds has been around so long that it might make a difference. But you better bet that I would complain. When it comes to My sons allergies I am a devil!He comes first. Hope this helps.
Also don't never be afraid to complain right then and there. It will make them feel very small. HA! Tina


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