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I send McCain an e-amil regarding this product. Thought I would post it here!

Thank you for taking the time to inquire further about our potato products.

McCain Foods USA, Inc., has policies and procedures in place to significantly reduce the likelihood of cross-contact of food allergens in our frozen potato products. Every production facility incorporates the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) program, in addition to Corporate Quality Assurance Procedures, to minimize the occurrence of food-sensitive reactions to our finished products.

McCain Foods USA, Inc., is currently compliant with FDA allergen labeling regulation. Potential allergens are clearly identified within ingredient statements in consumer friendly wording. Any Food Service products containing an allergen would have the allergen identified in this manner, within the ingredient statement: [WHEAT]. Any Grocery/Retail products will have the allergen identified at the end of the ingredient statement in this manner: CONTAINS: WHEAT. McCain Branded Grocery/Retail product allergen information is also available at our website [url=""][/url] , at each product's individual product screen.

At this time, there are no peanut or peanut sourced ingredients brought onto the production floor at any of our potato processing facilities. This includes no use of peanut oil.

Be aware that manufacturing practices periodically change or alter, so please feel free to contact us periodically, to ensure that you have the most updated information, as needed for your dietary restrictions.

Please feel free to contact us again, if there are any further questions or concerns.

On Jun 29, 2006

We frequently use these, no problem. My son is PA, TNA,SA.

On Jun 29, 2006

Good to know---I've been holding onto a McCain Smiles in the freezer since before the PA was diagnosed in April. Forgot they were even in there! Did it seem to you guys that they could have skipped the mumble-jumble allergen labeling regulation, and just went straight to "no peanuts or peanut sourced ingredients are brought on the production floor" to start with? Also, does production floor mean the same as "facility?" Or is that more similar to "shared lines." Clearly, I have not been in any manufacturing facility!!

On Jun 30, 2006

Here's a heads up on a McCain product that has nothing to do with PA.

They make Sweet Potato Fries, which are made with fish! It [b]is[/b] clearly labeled, but I could see a fish allergic person not even thinking to check about something like these.

I came across these while going through the panty at my son's camp, and pointed it out to the nurse. She was shocked, and grateful that we had noticed it because they have several fish allergic kids at camp.

McCain does label well, but this threw me for a loop - and it isn't even my allergy to worry about! [img][/img]


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On Jun 30, 2006

I've linked to my [url=""]Smilies Movie[/url] before, but y'know, it just makes me so happy.


On Jun 30, 2006

I have tried these my kids won't touch them. I do not know why so we stick with Ore Ida.