Maybe son\'s PA not that severe?

Posted on: Mon, 06/11/2001 - 7:34am
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I know that this is a question that I should ask my allergist (and I plan to), but was wondering if any of you have any thoughts on this....

I ate large amounts of PB while pregnant and nursing..I was always hungry and PB would satisfy me. However, my son never seemed to have a reaction while I was nursing. He was never colicky and never had a rash of any kind except for mild diaper rash. I had recently weaned from the breast a few weeks before reacted to a lick of PB (I didn't know babies weren't supposed to try PB).
He had a bad reaction within a few minutes. I did know to give benadryl because my father is allergic to bees. However his breathing wasn't affected, but I know that the next time could be worse.

I guess I'm tying to ask...Do you think since he didn't react during breastfeeding that he might have a higher tolerance that others?
My son was tested at 9 months, but levels were not taken. At what age will they check and see just how allergic he is to nuts?
Thanks for any advice!


Posted on: Mon, 06/11/2001 - 8:44am
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Hi Ginger, I guess your best source of information will no doubt be your allergist but I can offer my experience. I also consumed large amounts of peanut butter while pregnant and breast feeding and my PA sone never had "any reaction" while breast feeding. His first reaction (looking back) was just after Halloween when my DH gave him a taste of chocolate from a snickers bar, he developed a few hives, at the time ( I was not PA aware) I did not think anything of it and the hives went away on their own. His next reaction, which was severe was after he ate a couple of peanut butter filled Ritz crackers, it was fast and furious and required adrenaline.
Our allergist told us, after I asked if he could be only "mildly" allergic was and I quote "having a mild peanut allergy is like being a little pregnant, you either are or you are not". No one knows what a reaction will be like from one time to the next and that is the reason it is so important to completely avoid "all" contact with peanuts.
Some children do outgrow their allergy (about 20% according to a recent study), perhaps by avoiding all peanuts my child will have a better chance of outgrowing his allergy. I keep hoping, only time will tell.
Keep your hopes up. I hope this helped a little.
Katiee (Wade's mom)

Posted on: Tue, 06/12/2001 - 12:50pm
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Thanks for the reply. I am of course treating my son as if he is highly allergic.
It was just a thought I had. I guess all of us are looking for clues for our children to be one of the lucky one that will outgrow the allergy.
I am also surprised about how little information that my allergist gave me. He simply told me to avoid peanuts and tree nuts and not to worry about peanut oil because it is seperated from the protein.
Then he gave me the FAN pamphlet. That was it!!
I am so glad I found this website!! I now know about cross-contamination and the risk of peanut oil, but what if I had not taken the time to do more research on my own!
Thank God I did!

Posted on: Tue, 06/12/2001 - 12:55pm
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There is no such thing as how allergic are you? You are or your not, yes or no. That's it. If your son had a reaction it means he's allergic - that's it. All reactions are different. One time it may be only hives the next time it could be anaphylactic.

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