Matel recalls more toys



On Aug 14, 2007

Sorry, Mattel.

On Aug 14, 2007


On Aug 14, 2007

we have this barbie with the pooping dog. when i opened it and saw the magnet poop i said to my husband isnt this exactlly why they recalled the polly pockest with the click-it cloths. the magnets stick to gether and the kids need surgery. we tossed the poop. right after opening it. erin

On Aug 15, 2007

My kids are getting past the toy stage a bit but what a scary thing not knowing what is safe for our kids to play with anymore. How do you stop a child from putting things in their mouths. That is how they learn at infants.

My daughter was a big fan of polly pockets and I know those magnets toys were a pain. The magnets were always coming loose from toy.

Poor Mattel. I guess they are going to have to rely on domestic help instead of cheap labour to make their toys.


On Aug 15, 2007

Erin, I thought exactly the same thing. I was actually offended by the food/poop stuff when dd got it for Christmas. We just have a Barbie with a dog.

Crazy toy.


On Aug 16, 2007

kristin actually got 2 of theise pooping dog barbies for her birthday. we have on in the box still. we are returning it on friday. she didnt care that i made her toss the poop, she just wanted the dog for her barbie.


On Aug 16, 2007

We have the pooping puppy too. I sent off for the mailer to return our scooper to them for a replacement. According to the recall notice though, the poop is just metal pellets - not magnets. Although I do think they look disturbingly similar to Tic Tacs.