Massachusetts Moms!!

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Hi..MA Moms...just wondering if any of you are going to that Symposium on Food Allergies on 4/22/08 in Boston?

On Apr 3, 2008

First I've heard of it. What other info do you have on it? Thanks!

On Apr 4, 2008

I found out about it here, Chris posted on is the link [url=""][/url] click on food allergt conferences

On Apr 6, 2008

I am planning to unless we go out of town that week. We haven't decided yet what we will be doing for school vacation week. Are you going?

On Apr 16, 2008

Hello Massachusetts Moms: I have coordinated The Symposium on Children with Food Allergies with the goal of educating and assisting other parents, school nurses, teachers, and school administrators to the need for creating and maintaining a safe school environment for children with food allergies.

Being parents of a child diagnosed with peanut and tree nut allergies, we all know first hand the difficulty in making others aware of the need to protect our children. The problem of getting our son

On Apr 17, 2008

I wish I lived in Massachusetts! It sounds like a great event! Mic, any timeframe estimate on the video? What about the possibility of handouts that those of us who can't attend could purchase or access online?

On Apr 27, 2008

Hi KSLaru: If you would like and attendee packet, please email mail me and I will see that you get one. Its my understanding that the DVD should be available in May sometime.