Posted on: Mon, 09/27/1999 - 11:08am
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Stay Safe


Posted on: Mon, 11/29/1999 - 11:15am
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pI know Chris is in the process of setting up a support group in Massachusetts, but I thought I'd post here anyway. I go to college in western Massachusetts, and I'd like to meet others here or in Boston. Please let me know if you're interested being a part of a Massachusetts group./p

Posted on: Mon, 11/29/1999 - 11:35am
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pI live in Western Mass. Would like to meet others as well. My 3 yo son has multiple food allergies and we are just learning to deal with it all. I also have them(although peanut is not one...that I KNOW of)./p

Posted on: Mon, 11/29/1999 - 1:58pm
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pIn December there will be another AAFA meeting on Dec 13th,br /
pPeanutAllergy.Com's Massachusetts Support Group/p
pRe: Now putting together a PeanutAllergy.Com's Massachusetts Supportbr /
Group, hope you will participate!/p
pRe: Hope you can attend the Nov. 8th (and Dec 13) Asthma Allergybr /
Foundation's (educational) support group meeting./p
pWe are currently organizing a Massachusetts based PeanutAllergy.Combr /
Support Group. This will bring us together to enable us to work onbr /
important issues which we all face. We have helped othersbr /
in organizing groups in their states and have helped them tacklebr /
important issues which effect them locally and nationally! Many havebr /
been able to make a big difference and we would like to see ourbr /
group work together (and with the other groups) to make a differencebr /
also! You are probably already aware that we are based in Mass./p
pWe hope you will join in! Please let us know asap by e mail (or phonebr /
etc.) if you are interested in participating./p
pWe have also been working to find out what is available to us inbr /
Massachusetts for education about peanut allergy (and food allergy)./p
pWe have been in contact with the Asthma Allergy Foundation ofbr /
America, NEW ENGLAND CHAPTER, which holds educational support groupbr /
meetings throughout the year at several different locations within ourbr /
pWe know that this is short notice but we would like to know if youbr /
would be able to attend Monday's AAFA meeting (Nov. 8) in Lexingtonbr /
from 7-9 pm. This will give us the opportunity to meet each other inbr /
person, while at the same time benefiting from the education offeredbr /
by the AAFA. If you are interested in becoming involved with thebr /
PeanutAllergy.Com group but cannot attend this Nov. 8th meeting justbr /
let us know so we will contact you about what is going on. /p
pThe AAFA meeting will be from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Beth Israelbr /
and Children's Hospital Medical Care Center, 482 Bedford St. Lexingtonbr /
MA.Directions: From Rt. 128, take exit 31B ("Bedford, Rts. 4 225").br /
Get in right hand lane to make "Jug handle" U-turn, then turn rightbr /
into parking /
Nov. 8th "The Stress of Managing Food Allergies: Marital and Siblingbr /
Issues,"br /
Lisa Cipriano-Collins, M.A., /
NOTE: The AAFA would obviously like us all to help them out with somebr /
financial donation for having these meetings etc. so keep this in mindbr /
if you are able, although it is not required as they dobr /
allow everyone to attend these meetings for free at this time. Thisbr /
was one of the questions I asked them when checking to see if we couldbr /
attend. Keep in mind also that we need your financial support now morebr /
than ever, if you would like to discuss this please call me./p
pIn December there will be another AAFA meeting on Dec 13th,br /
"Anaphylactic Reactions to Foods, Drugs, Insects and Latex," (samebr /
time 7-9 p.m. although I was told by Michelle Carrick the Coordinatorbr /
that this one usually runs longer, until around 10:30 p.m. because ofbr /
the interest in it). I was informed by the Coordinator that this isbr /
the most popular meeting and that it is very informative. We arebr /
working to see if we can find a professional video person to tape thisbr /
meeting so if you know of someone let me know (you can e mail or callbr /
pWhile I hope to see you at the Nov. 8th meeting, if you are not ablebr /
to attend, I hope you will be able to plan to attend the Dec 13thbr /
meeting on Anaphylactic Reactions. /p
pWe also hope to meet together on our own between these two dates, sobr /
again, if you are not able to attend Monday nights meeting please letbr /
us know that you are very interested and want to be included in ourbr /
PeanutAllergy.Com group. This will be an advocacy type group (whichbr /
will also work on awareness etc. besides the issues we want to seebr /
improved). We will meet and work together and go to educational typebr /
events together etc./p
pContact us [url=""][/url] /p
p(Please include in the subject line "Mass Support Group")/p
pChris Papkeebr /
pStay Safe,/p
pHome page: [url="http://www.PeanutAllergy.Com"]http://www.PeanutAllergy.Com[/url] /p
pDiscussion Boards: [url=""][/url] /p
p PeanutAllergy.Combr /
123 Grant /
Medford, MA 02155/p
p USA/p
pPHONE NUMBER 1-781-395-9530 /p
pFAX NUMBER 1-603-388-5483/p
The materials and other information provided by this Web site are forbr /
educational, communication and information purposes only and are notbr /
intended to replace or constitute medical advice or treatments./p
p------------------br /
Stay Safe,/p
p [email]"Chris@PeanutAllergy.Com"[/email] /p
p[This message has been edited by Chris (edited February 11, 2004).]/p

Posted on: Mon, 11/29/1999 - 2:07pm
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pHere is a link to thebr /
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) chapter page where you may find an educational support group near you!/p
p [url=""][/url] /p
pAAFA New England Chapter /p
pPatricia Goldman, Executive Director /p
p 220 Boylston Streetbr /
Chestnut Hill, MA 02167br /
617-965-7771br /
FAX: 617-965-8886br /
[email][/email] /p
pServes Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusettes, Rhode Island andbr /
Connecticut. Program highlights include: public forums and exhibits; telephonebr /
information/referrals; tobacco control program; scholarship essay contest for highbr /
school juniors and advocacy for safer environments. /p
p------------------br /
Stay Safe,/p
p [email]"Chris@PeanutAllergy.Com"[/email]/p

Posted on: Mon, 03/06/2000 - 3:19am
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pHi Everyone,/p
pMy name is Chris LaPlaca and I started a support group for the North Shore of Boston. Our first meeting was in October 1999. We meet the first Tuesday of every other month (Oct 99: Back to School, Dec 99: Emotional Challenges, Feb 00: Anaphylaxis). Our next meeting is April 4, 2000, from 7 pm to 9pm. We meet at the Women's Health Center in Danvers, Mass. This is located at 1 Hutchinson Drive, near BJ's Wholesale Club (Endicott St. exit off of 128, left off the exit, thru 1 set of lights by KMart, left at the next light onto Hutchinson Drive). /p
pThe topic for our April meeting is "Getting the Word Out". We will talk about how to communicate to teachers, babysitters, family members, what products people use, have had trouble with, resources that are available (e.g. the Internet, groups, etc.) and how we can work as a group to get some meaningful tasks done./p
pOur group is affiliated with The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America; our medical advisor is Dr. Paul Hannaway from Asthma Affiliates in Salem, Danvers, and Andover. Our meetings are free and open to the public and everyone is welcome. We like to have a speaker and then open discussion. We have found that we learn a great deal from professionals and also from those of us "in the trenches" who live with food allergies every day./p
pIf you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly. I can be reached at (978) 352-3382./p
pThanks...and stay safe!br /
-Chris LaPlaca/p

Posted on: Tue, 08/01/2000 - 12:51am
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pOur meetings are starting up again after our summer break! We are going to be meeting the first Tuesday of Every month this year. The first meeting is Tuesday, September 5, from 7pm to 9pm. The topic is "Keeping Children Safe at School and Daycare". We will not have a formal speaker at this meeting, just have an open forum to discuss school issues./p
pWe meet at The Women's Health Center in Danvers. Take 128 to the Endicott Street Exit (near Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers). Take a left at the exit, thru 1 set of lights, take a left at the next set of lights onto Hutchinson Drive. The Women's Health Center is 1 Hutchinson Drive, 1st building on the right. The Center is right by BJ's Wholesale Club./p
pThe meetings are informal, free, and open to everyone. Please email me if you have any questions: [email][/email]./p

Posted on: Tue, 08/08/2000 - 7:48am
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pI am a 43 year young female with nut and other food allergies. I live in the Boston/North Shore area and I would be very interested in getting together with other adults with nut allergies. The issues I deal with are somewhat different than those of parents of young children who are PA. I'm sure my experiences can help them somewhat, but I feel there is a need for adult issues. Is anyone interested? My email is [email][/email] thanks so much!/p
p[This message has been edited by christinems (edited February 16, 2002).]/p

Posted on: Wed, 09/13/2000 - 7:29am
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pThe next meeting of the Food Allergy Group of the North Shore is Tuesday, October 3, from 7-9 pm at The Women's Health Center in Danvers. This meeting will be an Open Forum...bring your great ideas and great mistakes [img][/img]br /
The November meeting, Nov. 7 (election day) will feature Dr. Leah Ritchie, Ph.D. who will speak about Effective Communication: How to Talk to Others About the Serios Nature of Food Allergies. Dr. Ritchie is a professor of Organizational Behavior at Salem State College. She holds her Ph.D. in Communications. She will talk about conflicts, handling the emotional componant, and how to assert yourself. Should be interesting! Call Chris at 978-352-3382 if you need more info./p

Posted on: Fri, 01/26/2001 - 10:51pm
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pThe next meeting of The Food Allergy Group of the North Shore will be Tuesday, Feb 6, 2001, 7pm to 9pm. It will be held upstairs at the Women's Health Center in Danvers, MA. It will be an open forum-type meeting. We will be discussing the legislation at the state house regarding administration of epinephrine by Massachusetts EMTs. We all need to write and call in support of this /
For more info contact Chris at [email][/email]. Thanks!/p

Posted on: Fri, 03/23/2001 - 5:59am
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pAllergist James MacLean, MD, will speak about Anaphylaxis on Tuesday, April 3, 2001 from 7-9 PM at The Woman's Health Center in DANVERS, MA. The Asthma Allergy Foundation will supply 2 hour Certificates of Attendance to Teachers School Nurses to be used towards PDPs or CEUs. This meeting is free and open to the public. Please RSVP by emailing Christyne at [email][/email]./p


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