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Does anyone have any information about marshmallows? I know that Kraft sold their candy manufacturing business,so they no longer make the Stay-Puft brand, but packaging information on marshmallows sold in local stores does not provide customer inquiry telephone #'s. Concerned parents at my daughter's school have asked me about Rice Krispie squares. I have noticed the Kellogg's squares now come in a peanut butter flavour (Yech!) so I'm sure all the flavours would be contaminated. I'm wondering if home-made squares would be safe.

On Aug 8, 1999

Hi Elizabeth,

My son has eaten marshmallows without any problems. I will post back with the brand name when I buy some more.

As far as the Rice Krispies Treat Squares, I e-mailed Kelloggs awhile ago and this was their response: (This is also posted on the *Alerts* Board)--

"The Plain (reg) RKTSQ are made in the same plant as the RKTSQ Peanut Butter and RKTSQ Cocoa. The RKTSQ regular are made on their own dedicated line in a different part of the plant, whereas the RKTSQ Peanut Butter and Cocoa may share the same line. The peanuts do not come in separetly, but rather in a peanut butter-like form, so there is not a chance of dust particles in the air.

We appreciate your inquiry and hope this info will be useful as you make product selections appropriate for your family. You may wish to discuss this with your family physician or contact the Food Allergy Network for further assistance."

I have noticed in the stores that the *Regular* Rice Krispies Treats do NOT have a "may contain warning" whereas the *Cocoa* Flavored ones do.

Hopes this helps!

Stay Safe!

On Aug 9, 1999

The phone number for jet-puffed marshmallows is 1-800-244-4596. I called them and I consider them safe. I also called Kellogs about the rice krispies treats. I basically received the same information. My son has eaten them. I usually make them from scratch. Kellogs has nut free plants and I buy the rice krispies that come from the nut free plant. Patty

By g3ryphon on Apr 6, 2015

The original Rice Krispie Treats are on the SnackSafely list and that works for me.