March of Dimes pb ad


Just wanted to share an ad that turned my stomach. In Shape magazine (i'm sure it's in other female oriented magazines also) the March of Dimes and National Peanut Board have an ad showing a pb sandwich, and advising pregnant woman to eat pb for its folic acid. Ok, neural tube defects are far worse than pa, but there are so many other sources of folic acid including a mutltivitamin. It makes me sad that a woman might eat pb to benefit her baby and possibly unknowingly increase the chance of the baby being pa. Do you think this is irresponsible of March of Dimes? At least they could put a footnote to check with your doctor if the family has allergies. My son's allergist said the fact that I ate pb while pregnant and nursing may have increased the chance of my son being pa. I am regretful that neither my ob nor pediatrician told me not to eat pb while pregnant or nursing, with allergies on both sides of the family. I would be ticked if someone in the medical profession had actually advised me to eat more.

On Mar 6, 2001

Nonutshere, I pulled up the thread entitled "prevention's other article". It is based on the same ad that you saw. I agree it is absolutely terrible!

On Jul 19, 2001

Dear Nonutshere and Patty R,

If you still want to voice your opinions on these ads, please see my recent posting on the "Take Action" Discussion Board.