Malaysian Airlines / Qantas


Hi, we live in Asia which is an interesting experience with a p.a. child! We usuallu fly with Singapore Airlines because of their great "nut free" policy. However we may have to fly with Malaysian airlines. Has any one had any experience with them? My son is now 11, usually wears a fask mask when nuts are being handed out. We have had one airborne reaction on a Qantas flight from Singapore to Melbourne 5 years ago and don't want a repeat.

Also flew Qantas when we were back in Oz in July (only early morning flights), and was told by chief steward on a lfight that they no longer serve peanuts on flights. He actually seemed to know all about nut allergy which makes a change for Qantas. Has anybody from Australia heard about this and is this correct? thanks for any info!

On Aug 25, 2005

Hi there,

I know someone who flew from Dublin to Auckland with MAlaysian air recently (February) and he said that they were serving peanuts etc throughout the flight, and one of the meals was chicken Satay. That said, I don't know what their policy on same is if you notify them of the allergy.

Would it be possible for you to fly Emirates? Do they fly from Kuala Lumpur to Oz? I have flown twice with them, London