making chocolate bunnies, etc

Posted on: Fri, 04/02/2004 - 1:54am
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Hi, everyone,
I wanted to buy plastic mold to make my own Easter candy this year. I emailed Wilton and they replied:

Dear Customer,
Thank you for visiting our website. The Candy Melts do not contain egg or peanuts in them, however, they are produced in an environment in which peanuts are present. Eggs are not present in the environment. If we can be of further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Wilton Consumer Care Center

Please be aware, the preceding information regarding food allergens, food sensitizers, or food specifications is to the best of our knowledge believed to be accurate.

What kind of chocolate do you use? ANy recommendations for us?
(My son is allergic to peanuts and eggs.)

Posted on: Fri, 04/02/2004 - 2:42am
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My oldest is also allergic to eggs and peanuts. We use either hersey's chips or the Walmart white chocolate chips. He really doesn't like chocolate but will eat white chocolate.
Hope this helps.

Posted on: Fri, 04/02/2004 - 3:15am
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I go to a chocolate store. They sell all kinds of molds and chocolate in bulk. I called their supplier and was told that it is peanut free but they cant guantee it once it hits the store. That said the owner of the store opens a brand new case for me. She also bought a new scoop for the chocolate wafers and labeled it and it is used only for scooping new chocolate out of a new case. Now she has several customers who have peanut allergic kids.

Posted on: Thu, 04/08/2004 - 5:39am
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I want to do this also make candies with molds. I have safe peanut free egg free chocolate chips but not sure what else to do... Just melt them and pour them in.. I would like to make them a little creamier and sweeter... do I add condensed sweeten milk, powdered sugar? Thanks for all the help.

Posted on: Thu, 04/08/2004 - 7:51am
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I just melt and pour it in. I never added anything to them. If you do try a little at a time
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Posted on: Sun, 04/11/2004 - 12:54am
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In the past I have used more expensive chocolates, but lately have used a simpler method. I buy the bulk box of Hershey's plain milk chocolate bars at BJ's Wholesaler for my candy making.
If I'm pressed for time, I'll mix a tablespoon of Crisco in 8 oz. of chocolate for dipping. It melts well in the microwave, but the coating tends to run on the thin side for dipping.
If you're serious about making good chocolate molds for any season, (for let's say something like bunnies), you should check out the Chandre Inc. website. They make chocolate tempering machines for the home candy maker. Tempering the chocolate makes it "behave" much better, so you can replicate the same consistency and results as professional candy makers. Mine was about $400 several years ago, and I use it during major holidays only. It's not a necessity, but something that is nice to have for superior results.
From my reading on chocolate, chocolate chips are not recommended for molds, but can't remember why--something with the added ingredients. I find Baker's chocolate to be of poor quality. Very viscous, chalky, and somewhat bitter tasting. But that's IMO. Plain Hershey bars are already measured for weight, and are an adequate chocolate taste. Not the best, not the worst, but pretty good.

Posted on: Tue, 04/20/2004 - 11:19pm
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Well, I used Hershey's milk chocolate chips, melted carefully in the microwave, and they worked just fine. I spooned the chocolate in the molds, jiggled the mold to release air bubbles, etc, and stuck them in the fridge to set. I also mixed some chocolate with Rice Krispies for a crunch sucker.
I played around and dipped graham crackers, marshmallows, etc. Yumm! I also mixed raisins in the chocolate and made little mounds of choc covered raisins.
I, too, have heard that shortening is the best thing to use if you want to thin out the chocolate. (Never use water.)
Are the Hershey's bars nut-free?? I guess I assumed they'd be contaminated...
Thanks for all the input!! I feel so domestic!

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