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Hello I am a TNA/PA individual. I have stopped wearing makeup after having 2 anapylactic reactions in 2001. It has been nearly impossible to find 'safe' makeup and am wondering which brands you TNA/PA women wear.


On Jan 17, 2003

Hi Kim, I'm just PA not TNA, but I've not had any reactions to make up. I use about anything from Cover Girl and Maybelline to the more expensive mall labels such as Clinque and Este Launder with no problems.

I know we have to read everything from what we eat to what we wear but the only product I've been warned about is Oil of O'lay. I understand that they use peanut oil in their creams and lotions.

Hope this helps!


On Jan 21, 2003

Like Melanie, I wear all types of make-up! I do read the labels and there are somethings that I don't use - Estee Lauder Lip Liners contain Peanut Oil, but I use their tinted moisturizer, loose powder and lipsticks with no problem at all. I also us Bobbi Brown concealer and eye gel with no problem.

I just bought oil of olay daily facials and did not see peanuts listed - I have used them with no probelm!

Good luck.

Also, if you have any make-up by Estee Lauder (Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Mac, Origins) and aren't sure of the ingredients you can go to the Estee Lauder Web site to contact someone and ask for the ingredients. My brother works for Estee Lauder and he had given me a bunch of stuff - the only thing w/o ingredients listed was the lip liner, so I went to the web site and they e-mailed me that they did contain peanut oil.

On Jan 26, 2003


I am TNA and have reacted to Nivea Cream. Contained Macadamia Nut oil. It seems ALOT of lotions, creams and hand soaps have either almond oil, shea nut butter and sunflower oil, all to which I react to. I use Magic Loose Powder from Prescriptives. It is wonderful! I use to break out a bit from other powders but this one I get no pimples from.

On Jan 26, 2003

Thanks for the input. Estee Lauder and their other brands (Clinique, Prescriptives, MAC, Bobbi Brown, etc.) have been a worry for me after learning from the company that there is a chance of cross-contamination in all the products, as they make cosmetics containing nut ingredients on the same lines as those which do not. Has anyone used Revlon without a problem? I had a severe reaction to some Nair cream, which contained sweet almond oil. Also, watch out for Pears Soap, which is made of peanut oil and is not listed on the label here in Canada.

On Jan 27, 2003

I have noticed that lots of creams do contain almond oil and even sesame oil - which I react to. i am so disappointed b/c I had wanted to try Kiehls products, but every soap, creme, shampoo I looked at had these oils. Its funny - I use Shea Butter all the time - didn't even realize it was from a nut - luckily I don't react to it. I would hate to have to give up my favorite French hand soap that has shea butter in it.

On Sep 10, 2003

Re-raising. This is an interesting topic.

On Sep 10, 2003

I've been using MAC products for years with no problem. the only Khiels products I use is the blue astringent. I've stopped using Cetaphil moisturizer b/c it has almond oil. Have you tried Eucerin products? You can find them in most drugstores. I would also check website such as and for other brand ideas. You may want o see if a dermatologist ca

On Sep 10, 2003

BeautiControl is peanut free, but not tree nut free (almond oil).


On Oct 15, 2003


Originally posted by pgrubbs: [b]BeautiControl is peanut free, but not tree nut free (almond oil).


I am both Peanut & TN Allergic & use all of the beauticontrol stuff. I was very concerned at first, but just tried a test patch with each lotion/makeup thing...Not had a reaction yet.

Also, their nourishing eyepads are great for days that I have been having airborne-allergy problems & my eyes are all red & swollen--pop one on each eye for a few minutes & redness disappears (as well as some stress).

Also, they have dermatologist guides available to let you know if you do have any other sensitivities what to avoid! [img][/img]

Good luck

On Nov 24, 2003

I know its been quite awhile for this thread, but being new I've trying to read all the old ones. Has anyone tried Bare Escentuals makeup? It is a little pricey, but a little goes a LONG way. It is nothing more than pure minerals from the earth. I started wearing it in Feb., and my PA son (who's only 4) finally stopped pushing me away when I would try to hug him. The only thing that changed was my makeup, and I think he just didn't feel well from it close to me and was showing me the only way he could. Hurt my feelings terribly, though. Now everything is great with him. I may be wrong on this, but my intuition says I'm not. Anyway, its just an idea.

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On Mar 11, 2004

Has anyone contacted Cover Girl recently regarding peanut/nuts? Or use Cover Girl make up? I am interested in using one of the lipsticks. Curious what feedback folks have received.

On May 26, 2004

[url=""][/url] has some products which are safe for pn/tn allergic.1 866 426 5672 I use their bronzers and blushers which are mostly powdered minerals. They also have a makeup/sunblock which they have said is safe. Please call yourself though to double check and they are slow so keep calling them back. Please post when u find anything. [url=""][/url] has some lipsticks and lip liners which are safe with no pn/tn and also some makeup. They so use soy. My contact there is Tequilla and she is very helpful and even contacted Canada ro make sure that they no longer use blue dye which is sometimes peanut derived. They still label for it but no longer use the dye. I am not allergic but my kids have multiple FA's and I wont have anything esp with pn/tn in the house (too scary for me). There are some threads on this under main discussion board from last year ( I think) Good Luck

On Jun 14, 2004

I posted this in another thread, but garden botanika now has macadamia nut oils in some of their products and also a product with almond oil in it.

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On Jun 14, 2004

Does anyone know if NYC makeup is safe? My 14 year old was given some for a b-day gift and I have not been able to get a response from the company.

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On Jul 21, 2004

Believe it or not, I order most of my makeup from HSN. It is called Signature Club A. I have been using it for at least 7 years. I had problems with my skin breaking out and also being oily. This is the best stuff I have found. When you get the products, it lists all the ingredients on a separate sheet. I have never seen any peanut oils or nut oils and I check every time because I have a DS who is PA. Hope this helps.

On Jul 21, 2004

I was shopping for makeup this past week and usually use Clinique but when I read the labels on all the new lipsticks they all say Shea butter. Now I don't know if that is an issue or not but since it is a derivitive of a Tree Nut I thought I would not chance it. They also had some lipsticks with peanut oils in it. Bummer. I did find a lipstick that didn't have nuts in its ingredients but I have not used it yet. I am a little nervous. Seems that every company I have used is now adding some nut oil in their products. I don't like this at all..

Stay safe!!

On Aug 4, 2004


Does anyone know about Lancome? They are mega-expensive, but I'm looking for safe stuff, too.

I've been wanting to get nice moisturizers and lotions and have seen that a lot of cool things (such as the nice herbals from Bath and Body Works) have nut oils in them. Sigh!

Thank you! [img][/img]

On Dec 7, 2004


I am PA/TNA/sesame seeds, and am looking for safe cosmetics and hair coloring. I have contacted several companies but haven't gotten a response from most. Clinique says that their Full Potential mascara is ok. Has anyone tried it? Any info on any safe product would be appreciated.

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On Jan 19, 2006

i use loramine. my son is PA/TNA/sesame, not myself but i dont want to rub against him with something that might itch him. there is a thread on this makeup under safe foods. thats how i found out about it. they also make blush that u can use as lipstick with some chapstick. check them out.