What brands of makeup have you all used that have not been a problem, I have trouble finding products that I can trust. Any ideas?? I am treenut allergic as well as peanut.I live in the U.S. Thanks---Shan

On May 23, 2001

Hi Shan,

I am only PA not TNA, but here are some products that I use daily and have had no problems:

* Covergirl * Garden Botanika has great make-up (They have closed all their mall locations, but you can go to their website) * Maybelline * Rimmell * Mary Kay (It's been a few years since I purchased any of their products) * Orgins (Their product are all natural!)

Hope this helps [img][/img], I have only heard that Oil of Olay and Loreal use peanut oil, so I would strongly stay away from them.


On May 23, 2001

A word of warning about Mary Kay! Check the labels carefully!!

I am PA as well as TNA, and I have discovered that some of their products DO contain peanut oil, as well as other tree nut oils.

I had to return some eyeliner last week because it contained "arachis hypogea". If I remember right, that is another word for peanut oil.

Also, I purchased the Satin Hands Pampering Set as a gift for my SIL, and discovered that two of the three lotions in the set contained either ground almond shells or almond oil.

I have used the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer for a while now without a problem. So far, they are nut-oil free. I'm not sure about cross-contamination in a make-up facility, though.

Maybe I should be looking for another brand of make-up too.

On Jul 19, 2001

So you guys think Cover Girl is ok? I haven't worn make up in a long time but I have a christening to go to this weekend and I have to get dressed up. I know Proctor and Gamble now owns Cover Girl and all I can find are e-mail contacts so I've sent out 2 e-mails inquiring. I can't find a phone number with 1-800-directory either.

I'm editing here - I'll answer my own question. I found the number for Proctor and Gamble in Ohio through the yellow pages and they transferred me to Cover Girl. The girl read me the ingredients of the Lipslicks Lip Gloss and the only suspect thing I heard was hydrogenated vegeatble oil but she went on to explain that is safflower and corn oil. You can get an MSDS by going to [url=""][/url]

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