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I'm Michelle, and I'm 13. Ths summer I flew accross the contry to visit my Dad. I flew on Delta. I'm allergic to peanuts. Not suvire, but pretty bad. I break out in hivese and some times it's hard to breath. (I should konw, last month I ate some trail mix that had peanuts in it... yikes!) Anyway, when they started serving peanuts I got kinda worried. I asked the lady serving about it. --Me: i thought air lines weren't allowed to serve peanuts anymore --Her: if some one tells us ahead of time they are allergic, we won't serve them --Me; i'm allergic to them --Her: is it serious? What happens? can you be around the smell.

I told everything would be ok if I didn't eat any. That was lie. What could they have done about it? After all, almost everyone was already served. I went into the bathroom and stayed in there for a while... I felt kindda sick. I was ok though. I just hate the smell. It makes me feel castrophobic. It was awful. When I arived at my Dad's house i was very upset to find that my Dad DID stress to them my allergy. They had messed up, and I had suffered. I knew it wasn't fair. I'm not really sure where to go from here. Take action? Call the airline? Can they do anything? Has this happened to anyone? Please let me know! Thanks

On Jun 27, 1999

Hi Michelle,

We found out last month about the need to stress and re-stress peanut allergy to the airlines after our trip to Florida last month. I advised the reservationist and the gate attendant upon check-in about the allergy, and both said peanuts would not be served. But, upon boarding the plane I mentioned it the flight attendant, who acted like this was the first time she had heard about it. They did not serve peanuts on our flights, but leftover peanuts were all over the plane, so I couldn't let my two year old pa son out of my lap for the entire flight. Fortunately, he had reaction beside a flare up of his eczema.

I posted to you earlier about the epi-pen before I read this post. Please make sure your parents read this post, and get you a prescription for one immediately. You will probably want to carry two epis at all times, because the effects only last 15-20 minutes and you want to make sure you have enough in case it takes you that long to get to an emergency medical facility.

Good luck and keep on posting here. Get your parents involved also/