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Hi Folks, I guess I am not alone in being scared to take my child into the haphazard air travel environment, but we have been OK in the past. I know we would all prefer "100% nut free flights", and we all get annoyed seeing people eating nuts in such a confined space, but apart from our fear of what MIGHT happen, have members genuinly experienced ANY anaphlactic episodes aboard planes, where epipens have had to be used? Ed p.s. It's not 3.30 am here in UK!

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On Feb 26, 2006

We haven't flown since my son's diagnosis, so I don't have personal experience to share. I can tell you of an acqaintance of mine whose highly sensitive PA godson flew. He had an anaphylactic reaction, and not only did epipens have to be used, but they had to make an emergency landing in a city that was not their destination. As far as I understand it, the parents had not made arrangements for any special precautions to be taken (in other words , it was not a peanut-free flight, they didn't wipe down the armrests, etc.).

Personally, I don't find it worth the risk to fly with my son for vacations, but I would do it in an emergency. (My son's never had a severe reaction, though, so my standards may be looser than other people's.)

FWIW, Debbie

On Feb 26, 2006

Aidansdaddy, have you gone through the old postings for the AIRLINE or TRAVEL forum? There's tons of info in the archived posts.

Do you have travel insurance? It will also cover medical emergencies. I'm sure you know that medical care here in the U.S. is VERY expensive.

On Feb 26, 2006

Thanks for those replies. Adele, I am not too good on computers etc, but I typed in Epipen, and Emergency, under travel and airlines, and the searches only came up with one story of a landing forced by peanut allergy..can you give me any further hints as to how to find this info from the archives? Ed.

On Feb 26, 2006

Hi Aidansdaddy, It takes a while to figure out how to find your way around the board at first.

I don't have much luck with 'search' either. When I was first diagnosed with PA a year ago, I would spend hours here in the wee hours just scrolling through back posts. on the various boards.

If you go to list of all the boards, click on "AIRLINES" or "TRAVEL" and just start reading all the threads. At the top right, under 'post a new topic' there's a little window where you can change the selection to view topics posted from just the last day all the way to the previous year. If you click on 'previous year' then go to the bottom of the page you'll see there are three pages of topics under AIRLINES.

Some may not interest you but you'll learn a lot about problems/solutions, etc. we have while flying with PA. Hopefully somewhere you find the info you're looking for on inflight reactions. If not, then you'll learn a lot in the process.

Hope this helps..... Adele