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Posted on: Thu, 04/03/2003 - 11:56pm
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We live in a huge metro area, and we have major league sports teams. Up until our daughter was dx - we'd enjoyed attending games. Now... either my husband or I can take our son - but one of us has to stay home with our daughter.

Baseball is the all American sport and I want to share it with our little girl. dad and mom shared it with me when I was little!

But, it's not safe to take her to a game, not at all.

Have any of you ever written to anyone in MLB or NFL to try to do something about a peanut free seating section?

I'm doing that right now. I think they MUST make at least a block of seats safe for PA's. Meaning...NO one can eat peanuts in that area, no one can SELL peanuts in that area - and our PA's would be safe to attend the games.

Any comments??


Posted on: Fri, 04/04/2003 - 12:06am
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see my post below regarding the Boston Red Sox. I emailed them directly TWICE last season regarding this issue and they never even opened my emails. Good luck

Posted on: Fri, 04/04/2003 - 12:29am
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Well, that stinks! I emailed their human resouces department, marketing, ticketing, and community relations - all at the same time.
I'll let ya know if I hear anything!

Posted on: Fri, 04/04/2003 - 2:38am
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I was at the allergist last month and on their notice board they had a posting about peanut-free seating that is available with the Cincinnati Reds. It said to email Jennifer Green at [email][/email] for information regarding seating. I know that doesn't help you all in Boston but those in Cincinnati can contact her about safe seats! I haven't emailed her yet this season so hopefully the info is up to date.

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