WHY Won't Kashi Label for Allergies?

Posted on: Tue, 11/03/2015 - 6:25am
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When asked about labeling products properly for allergies (the facility, not just the ingredients as they themselves must know!), Kashi's nameless, faceless, "rep" writes in 2014:

"I'll be happy to pass along your packaging "suggestion"! Thanks again for the great feedback and for being a fan of our foods!"

I attempted to respond on their boards, but they make it difficult - no doubt intentionally. Not only do they ask you to create a user & password, but they demand name & address info (not needed for a comment!) and they stick survey questions in your face, and when you check the box that says, "I am not a robot", they want you to prove it by checking off the picture that contains a boat, by this time most people have given up (because they have a life), which is probably what they want. Even after doing all this, their page of course stalled and never recovered. So, I did what I normally do when a company makes it hard to talk to them: I complain about them on someone else's site so everyone can hear my complaint!

So, my response to Kashi is posted here for the peanut allergy community audience:

I resent Kashi flippantly calling this a mere "packaging suggestion", as if it were some minor, unimportant point rather than something necessary to protect consumer safety.

All product labels should indicate whether any of the top 8 allergens are present in the facility in which they were made (if on a dedicated line, that could be added as well). "Contains" is the absolute legal minimum but it doesn't tell us enough - and shouldn't we expect more from a brand like Kashi?

And, even if the equipment is cleaned with state of the art methods, reactions have been known to occur in some individuals - which can be fatal. Consumers should be given the information ON THE LABEL so they can make their own decisions.

There is absolutely no reason this information should be missing from the package itself - we should not have to play detective to find out this basic information. Having a life threatening allergy is exhausting enough when food is labeled, it is inexcusable to create unnecessary work for your customers to get it! No one should ever have to go anywhere but the packaging to know whether their food is safe!

I expected more from a brand like Kashi then a "if you want to know ask" type of passive-aggressive response.

Posted on: Tue, 11/03/2015 - 6:29am
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Forgot to add the link where you can see how people have to chase down Kashi to get information about peanut allergy/ allergens/ how peanut safe is Kashi:
Even after you have taken your valuable time to read all this, you can find the information is old and therefore useless. This shouldn't be a "conversation", the package just needs a proper label. Anything else is just wrong!

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