Freeze Dried Backpacking food. Made in a factory that also processes nuts

Posted on: Sun, 03/29/2015 - 7:49am
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My 14 year old son is peanut, tree nut and non-whitefish allergic. He carries two Auvi-Qs. We've known of his allergies since he was a toddler and while he has outgrown many other food allergies, these remain.

We are in Boy Scouts and our venture patrol has a 10-day, 80 mile hike in northern New Mexico this July. All of the food is of the light weight pre-packaged freeze dried variety to which you add boiling water. Scouters with food allergies can bring their own and have it dispersed along the trail at staffed campsites which are between other sites we'll simply tent camp and eat what we've carried.

We have an upcoming training overnight weekend backpacking trip for which a case of meals from "Mountain House" has been purchased. They come in foil envelopes, don't have nuts listed as ingredients but have the "made on equipment that is also used for peanuts, tree nuts, etc."

It is proving very difficult to find freeze dried backpacking food claiming to be completely nut-free. Our son has eaten food labeled as such with no ill effect but we'll be hours away from any help in New Mexico. Fwiw, I'm Wilderness First Aid, CPR, AED and First Aid certified, but still, am concerned.

Long post but have any of you faced this before?


Posted on: Tue, 03/31/2015 - 3:32am
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I have not faced it but I wouldn't take the chance. It doesn't take long in some instances to react and unless someone is watching him extremely closely every time he eats I would have a hard time allowing him to eat those foods. It sucks but unfortunately the reality is those allergies can kill him. Good luck!


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