Mac/cheese & Teddy grahams


Just wondering if anyone gives these to their PA children. I did a search but they all seemed old. If you don't use these, whay alternatives do you use? Also, is there a cheese puff type of snack that is safe? Thanks!

Julie Mommy to Keegan~13 months old~PA

On Jul 24, 2006

My PA/DD has eaten Kraft mac & cheese and all varieties of the Teddy Grahams with no problems. She loves when I make my own mac & cheese by melting Velveeta into the macaroni along with milk and butter.

For the cheese puffs, she has eaten Cheetohs. She has also eaten some called "Cheddar Lites" in the health food section of the supermarket but they are really expensive.

On Jul 24, 2006

my son does not like mac and cheese but i tried giving him the kraft kind. i tasted it and it wasnt good. he is not a cheesy kind of guy. he eats cinnamon and honey teddy grahams. i would love to try the chocolate kind but heard somewhere that they arent safe??? probably people afraid of source of chocolate? he eats crunchy and regular cheetos. i think herrs is safe but we stick to frito lay. pirates booty makes a cheddar puff balls. good luck.

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On Jul 24, 2006

DS eats Cheetos, bothregular and natural (I prefer natural, no orange fingers smearing orange on everything he touches) and Pirate Booty. He eats Kraft mac & cheese, and Annie's, sometimes. He also eats Teddy Grahams, but we don't buy them all that often, as other treats are prefered.

On Jul 24, 2006

We use Wise Cheez Doodles. In fact, all of their products are peanut free. [url=""][/url]

On Jul 24, 2006

My daughter eats Teddy Grahams (all varieties), Kraft Mc N Cheese (doesn't like it much) and Pirates Booty.

On Jul 24, 2006

We use (Amy's - Gee I'm not stressed out [img][/img]!). "Annies" Mac and Cheese (many varieties but not the microwave version); all of the flavors of Teddy Grahams; and for crunchy cheese type snack we use Tings (same manufacturer as Pirate Booty) - it does not contain cheese and the kids love it - much less messy!

------------------ Keep Smiling DD - allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, and egg

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On Jul 24, 2006

We used to use the Annie's single-serving microwave mac&cheese until I found out (through here) that it's cross-contaminated with peanut. We switched to Kraft until we had to avoid soy (though we don't have to anymore); though DD did not really care for the taste of it. Now we use the Back to Nature mac&cheese in the Crazy Bugs shape. DD loves it; it tastes more like the Annie's. We've not had any problems with the Back to Nature.

We've used Teddy Grahams without any problems. In fact, the 100 calorie packs are great to send for snack.

DD has also had (and loves loves loves) Cheetos (both puffed and crunchy). She's had both without problems. There's now also a 100 calorie pack of little Cheetos puffed balls. DD calls them "Cheetos asteroids."

On Jul 24, 2006

My kids like "123's and Chreese" (available at Whole Foods). It is dairy-free and they both got used to it when they were allergic to milk. Now the cheese kind tastes funny to them. For snacks, they like Gerber Veggie Crackers and Healthy Times Maple Arrowroot Cookies.


------------------ Mom to 7 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 3 1/2 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

On Jul 25, 2006

My PA/TNA son eats Kraft Mac n Cheese at least once a week (more than I prefer) and has done so since he could put them in his mouth.

As for the Teddy Grahams, now at 8 years old he feels that he is too "old" for him and prefers other things. However, he used to eat these all the time when he was little. He ate the chocolate ones all the time and never had any problems with them!