MA sports bracelet and rash


DD has the sports band and she never takes it off. Bath, swimming, sleeping etc.

Every once in a while she gets a very sore, red rash around her wrist. We'll switch the bracelet to the other arm, and within 2 days, the rash is starting on this wrist also.

Anybody else have this problem? Should I be washing it or something? If so, how do you wash one?

Is there a coating I can put on it?

I don't want to go back to the metal bracelet as they tend to break more often and I think she's still too young for the necklace.

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On Feb 15, 2007

What is the sports band made of? If metal touches the skin there could be nickel in it--some people react to that. Also, if the band is made of something that doesn't let the skin breathe, it could be akin to heat rash. Or if it rubs it could irritate the skin. Or if she has eczema that could be a factor as well. I'm sorry, I probably just gave you more questions than answers. If it doesn't look too serious, the first step I would take is to apply a barrier to the skin (like vaseline or baby powder, but not both) to see if it helps at all.

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On Feb 15, 2007

The rash is probably due to wearing the band while it is wet. It is probably chafing her wrist or could even be like athlete's foot--which is caused by yeast. If you think it might be a yeast rash, you can treat it with Lotrimin or any athlete's foot cream you can buy over the counter.

Do you have the band that is made of a webbing strap? The one from Medic Alert? If you do, you can wash it. I wash them by hand. Rinse it well under very warm running water. Then rub a little hand soap into it with your fingers. Then rinse it thoroughly. You can dry it quite a bit by just putting it in a towel and squeezing or blotting it dry. Then let it air dry the rest of the way.

The regular stainless steel chain bracelets from Medic Alert are really rugged. My kids have never broken one of those.


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On Feb 15, 2007

Yes it's the sports band from medic alert. No the metal face doesn't touch her skin.

I'll try washing it and letting it dry overnight to see if that helps.

How often do you wash the band??

Originally we bought her the regular metal bracelet from medic alert but it broke a couple of times and we didn't want to keep sending it back to medic alert. We took it to a jeweller who soldered it twice but it never held.

On Feb 18, 2007

My daughter also had problems with broken medical bracelets. We had the simple silver chain one and broke/repaired it multiple ones. We have since moved on to a "prettier" beaded medical bracelet. These have been great! We have purchased two, one pink and one blue, from They have been very sturdy. We have needed to get the alligator clips repaired about once a year, but the bracelet itself has never broken. My daughter is 8 years old and a gymnast. She is very hard on jewelery. We do take it off when we get into the tub and put it back on as soon as she dries off. They even have braided leather ones. You might want to try them!

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On Feb 18, 2007

DD also had some problems with rash under her sports band bracelet (not MA). We started taking it off at bedtime and putting it back on in the morning. We attach it to her epi belt and put those on her doorknob. We put it on as she gets dressed so it is just part of our routine. It saved our sensitive little wrists!

Good luck! Patty

On Feb 18, 2007

my son has the green braided leather bracelet from Laurens Hope too....He doesn't wear it in the shower/tub or at night, he has eczema and he also gets a little *raw* if it's worn 24/7.....he's had this one for a year and it looks great, no problems as of yet. He wants a sports band next, but we will continue to take it off so his skin can breath(this works for us, I know many wouldn't agree). Just thought I'd share. [img][/img]


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By nurseraveen on Jan 26, 2012

I got a sports band and after having it on for 4 days my entire body broke out. It took me a while to figure it was the braclette. The rash wasn't just on my arm it was my entire body so I thought it was a food allergy.