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are plain m&m's nut free

By mj mom on Feb 14, 2013

I agree it's not worth the risk. There have been other parents who have posted (years ago) that had children who DID have reactions from plain m&m's. We do not allow anything made in a facility because the residue can get into the air ducts and cross contaminate other areas. Hope that helps.

By jenteme on Dec 25, 2012

Plain M&M's are supposedly nut free, but they contain the warning 'may contain peanuts'. It's not worth the risk.

By Jessica... on Feb 27, 2013

Our allergist told us that they melt the defective peanut m&m's, remove the nuts, and use the chocolate that was melted off to make more m&m's both plain and peanut. So there is a pretty good chance of cross contamination if the information she gave us is accurate.

By momtoemie on Mar 13, 2013

Read an article about a child who died from her peanut allergy after eating plain M&M's.