Lunch Table Questions


We have been meeting with the school to make plans for first grade and specifically eating lunch at school.

My son wants and so does the school a peanut free table. It would be one that anyone can sit at so long as they do not have nut products in thier lunches. Our classes do not all sit together, the kids can pick where to sit. It will be monitored by a campus supervisor.

Our problem comes in with the actual washing of the tables. We live in Southern CA and 97% of the time the kids eat at outside tables. These tables and attached benches are made of a grate like metal so there is no smooth surface to easily wipe down. The tables get power washed 1 or 2x a week at best. The school does not feel like they can be adequately washed each day. We are trying to brainstorm solutions.

Part of the problem is that these tables are also available for public use after school and on weekends...not many use them, but they are out and could be used. So in theory even though the table will be nut free who is to stop someone in the after hours.

We have a few ideas, but I am not overwhelmed with any of them. Has anyone delt with this issue? Any thoughts? Idea?


On Jun 13, 2006

I have no expereince with this. but What about a table covering for the top and the benches? I am all about my child fitting in so this is just an idea, something I wouldnt do. but What about some type of portable table that comes out for peanut free use and is put away for public use?

On Jun 13, 2006

I live in So Cal also. We have normal tables that can be washed or wiped down. I have never heard of this type of table. Where in So Cal are you? We are in West L.A.