Lunch at School with Multiple Food Allergies


My DD has multiple food allergies. Very allergic to peanuts (airborne). How does everyone handle lunch at school (elementary school)? Is a peanut free table acceptable if you are airborne and have other allergies? Do any of you take your child out of the school during lunch?

On Oct 15, 2006

My Pa/Tn/soy dd sits at a pn free table and has since 1st (she is now 5th) We have an adult monitor who also checks all the labels and lunches of those who sit beside her and also wipes table down with lysol before dd comes to lunch. The airborne reactions she has had have been from people cracking peanuts (yes, I realize a silly situation for her to be in but she was dx in 98 and weren't aware of the seriousness of her allergy back then) With airborne rx, she generally has a rx similar to an asthma attack and it has never required epi- thank goodness. I don't know what your situation is. Our school cafeteria is not pn free and she has (knock on wood, I suppose) never had an airborne rx in school. I should add, we pack her lunch everyday.

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On Oct 15, 2006

our school kitchens are peanut and nut free so the trays they serve are always safe. my child sits amongst the kids having school lunches every day (even when she brings her own lunch...which she does most often). the kids who bring their lunches to school sit on the other half of the cafeteria at separate tables.

so....the room is divided in two. lunchboxes and bags on one side and trays on the other. my daughter sits among the trays at the farthest point from the lunchboxes every day. (she even has a little handmade sign (i'm not even sure who made it) that says: "reserved for chase xxxx" and another little sign right beside it that says "reserved for xxxxx xxxxxx", who is her friend that she chose to sit beside her all year for lunch. i thought that was very nice of the school to make those changes for us.)

so far, it's working. she's 8 and in 2nd grade.

my older pa daughter is in the 5th grade and sits at a round table each day that holds about 8 kids. the kids vary day to day a bit and whether or not they eat school lunch or bring from home varies too. occasionally someone at her table will have pb or peanut products and will usually offer to relocate. very seldom does she have to sit near peanut products, though i do have concerns about the tabletop. she had a small, very minor contact reaction last week that i believe was the result of her resting her arm on a pb contaminated tabletop. a disposable placemat would be good for these instances.

the good news is, in our experience anyway, that the older the kids get the less pb seems to be a factor. it's just not as "cool" when your in 5th grade apparently. [img][/img]

my girls are also sensitive to airborne peanut and pb but we've had very few problems in the large cafeteria. as long as it's not too close to them or too aromatic, we've been okay so far.