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Be wary of Lufthansa. I have been trying to get them to agree not to serve peanut snacks for over a year now, and they keep giving me the run around (I would like to fly from Ankara, Turkey to Toronto as we live abroad but go home almost every summer). I have been told however, from many others who have flown on Lufthansa, that they have not been served peanuts on the flight at all (trans-atlantic flights).

Be sure you find out for the exact dates you are planning to travel on. Have a PNR (passenger note reservation) put in your SSR (special service request) about the peanut allergy. Bring a couple of epipens and alcohol wipes to clean the seats, belt, arm rests off. Remember there's no hospital at 31,000 feet.

I have cut and pasted their reply to me below so you can see the kind of answer you might get:

"Dear Mrs. Callan,
Thank you for your e-mail. There is no garrantee that no peanuts will be
served or have been served on any of our flights. Peanuts are served on
some of our flights, depending on where the aircraft comes from. We never
know very far in advance where the aircraft for a flight has been before
and can therefore not garrantee that it had not had peanuts on it. As well,
even if we would say that there would be no peanuts served by our staff,
there is always the possibility that another passenger might have brought
their own on board and consum them during the flight or on the previous
flight. It is also not possible to disinfect the seats and surroundings.
We regret that for these reasons we cannot garrentee that no peanuts or
peanut traces will be on the aircraft.

Your Lufthansa InfoFlyway Service Center
Greg Perkins"

Good luck on your flight!




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