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My son who had an anaphylactic rxt abt two months ago to accidental peanut exposure now has fairly high numbers for most RAST items that were tested about 2 weeks ago. Not a small number of tests either: eighty! High rast scores for tree nuts and soy as well as peanut would be expected but now: broccoli? wheat? ginger? baker's yeast?! corn?! and garlic just to name a few! We are on an elimination diet with food challenges in a couple more weeks because he has had three rather significant rxts since the anaphylactic one. Planning a trip soon as an outpatient to an allergy hospital in Denver, but has anyone experienced this many food items? Steak and a baked potato is getting really old!

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On Dec 13, 2006

How old is your son? Hopefully he will outgrow most of these allergies if he is very young. Good luck. I have many food allergies but not ana to all. My allergies are shellfish/peanut/tree nuts/arugula or some other bitter green/banana/blueberries/carrots/swiss cheese, and more but not wheat and soy (these are the worst because they affect my tongue/mouth/throat & lips. I know that wheat and soy allergies are difficult because it is a life change but there are a few websites if you do a search which can give you some allergen free recipes and some books too. I hope someone else can help more than I can. Is he allergic to rice? I believe people with wheat allergies substitute with rice flour or rice pasta.

On Dec 13, 2006

Sorry to hear your son is still reacting to things. It can be a real mystery to decide what is "just on paper" and what is likely to worsen.

I was diagnosed as an adult, but had GI symptoms ALL my life. Was in the hospital a couple of times as a child, but my Ped never considered food allergies. [i]DUH![/i]The GI symptoms gradually worsened, leading me to seek out help as an adult.

When I was diagnosed in my 30's, I had to give up nearly all meats, eggs, seafood, corn, rice, several fruits, etc. Felt great immediately. Stayed on this elimination diet for several years.

After the birth of my daughter, I began to "cheat" now and again. Big mistake! [i]All I might have is a little stomachache or some diarrhea for an evening.[/i] Later that year, I had my first systemic reaction to an allergy shot. It snowballed from there. Even my allergist was mystified as to why my allergies suddenly shifted to the anaphylactic-respiratory sort.

But it is tolerable. I am very careful now to avoid my allergens, and to be very aware when my mild allergy symptoms might be fortelling a bigger reaction to come.

My old Allergist retired. My current Allergist seems to think "my cup is too full," meaning that when my allergies are acting up I need to be very careful. It's like the IgE builds up in my system from smaller allergens, then a seemingly mild exposure to something can set off a storm.

Hope you can get him to Colorado soon.


On Dec 13, 2006

Thank you for your response. My son is 16 and your self-assessment is right on!

On Dec 13, 2006

there are such things as 'false positives' on RAST tests.

Mabe his body was still 'in flux' when testing occurred. What were the scores on the RAST? Are they foods he previously ate ok?

What was your emergency plan when he ingested peanut? Did it work ok?



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On Dec 14, 2006

Jason, Go to my post "Avoid eating out!" perhaps on page four or five with about 90 hits. That was the worst day of our lives when we almost lost him in a hospital. He just hasn't bounced back since then and reacts to just soooooooo many foods now! Rast scores were 6 for peanut, but a large group at 3 and 4. Larry

On Dec 14, 2006

My daughter did this for a time as well... oddly enough, this was in the period [i]leading up to[/i] her severe anaphylactic episode. (The one we never found any trigger for.)

She RASTed positive for everything she had ever eaten in any quantity... and a fair number of them, she was actually having reactions to. It seemed to last for about two months past the anaphylaxis episode. She has certainly been much more [i]sensitive[/i] to all her major allergens since then, but around the same time, she actually outgrew a few things. (Wheat, soy) It also unfortunately coincided with her first "REAL" tree pollen season here (second year).

Is it possible that your son is developing new environmental allergies? Have you moved recently? If he's now being exposed to a new allergen that he's sensitizing to, that might explain why he's apparently on such a hair trigger.

Sounds like it's time for a sit-down with your allergist to figure this out.

On Dec 14, 2006

Larry, I will read that post, but in response to your original question... Yes.

(see sig line for RAST +'s and avoidance list for caitlin, which is not even all inclusive...)

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