Lost of Epi-pen by school

Posted on: Fri, 06/29/2001 - 4:29am
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Wednesday was the last day of school, so we went to ask the school to return our Epi-Pen that has been kept there. Imagine my surprise to find that no-one knew what has happened to my daughter's Epi-Pen.

Has anyone had this experience before? And if so, what is our recourse(Ontarians)? Right now, we are pennyless and my daughter heads off to camp in a few days time. We are do not have any medical drug plan and cannot afford to buy another Epi-Pen just now. Thus far, the school is still checking with others who may have access to the medical box, but their reactions were not reassuring. A lot of humming and haaaing, and saying that's too bad!!!

What can we do? Natalie.

Posted on: Fri, 06/29/2001 - 4:45am
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I would be FURIOUS if I were you! I will see in about thirty minutes whether or not I am in the same boat, however [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] (Today is also my daughter's last day at "school")
Try the search function- I am pretty sure that someone else posted about a lost epi pen earlier this month- it may be under the schools forum.
And another thing- I thought that pretty recently saw someone post about Dey/MedicAlert offering assistance to those in need. You might search the Main Board, Living with PA, and also the Products forum for that one.
What a bummer for you! Hope that you find it.

Posted on: Fri, 06/29/2001 - 4:46am
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I would be very upset if I were you. What if your child had had a reaction and there was no epipen to be found? I would ask them to set up a more secure plan for the future and request that there be some education about allergies and the importance of the medication being kept onhand at all time. Maybe a letter from your Dr. would be good too. Finally, I would request that they pay for a new epipen.

Posted on: Fri, 06/29/2001 - 6:23am
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Dear Natalie,
What an awfull predicament to be in. The school is responsible and should provide you with the funds to replace the lost epi-pen.
Failing that, here is the phone number and web site for Allerex Canada which is the distributor of epi-pens in Canada. You can also try to contact the Trillium Foundation to see if they can help. I tried calling Allerex for you but their office is closed on Fridays, if you like, I can call them again on Monday because there is no long distance charge for me (they are located here).
Tel: (613) 831-7733, FAX (613) 831-7738
Let me know. You could also contact your own doctor who may have more information about obtaining drugs than I do. Let me know and good luck!
Katiee (Wade's mom)

Posted on: Fri, 06/29/2001 - 6:52am
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Thank you so much for all your responses to date. And yes, Katiee, I would really appreciate it if you could call them for me on Monday.
We are furious. We also realized that they may have needed to use the Epi-Pen and only found out then that it was gone. It was a rather scary imagine.
I do except the school to pay for it. But my concern is that they will say no or deny responsibility. Kwanita has only been diagnosed for three weeks and at first we had only one Epi-Pen, so we collected at the end of each day and returned it each morning.
But we did leave one there after acquiring another one. So the responsibility is theirs. Would there be something that we could do that was quick and legal to ensure that they covered the cost of the Epi-Pen?
In the meantime, I will check the other discussion boards for the other possible lost Epi-Pen.
Thanks everyone.

Posted on: Fri, 06/29/2001 - 7:30am
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Another thought, go directly to the principal, if you don't get the answer you need, go over her head and contact the board Supeintendent and when you call, say that it is URGENT!
You should get a prompt reply.
Also, speak to your pharmacist, he/she might know how to get you a pen more quickly than I do.
I'll call Allerex on Monday for you, you can contact me by e-mail if you like, it's listed under my profile.
Katiee (Wade's mom)

Posted on: Fri, 06/29/2001 - 5:25pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

Natalie, do you have the one Epi-pen to send your daughter to camp with?
Aside from it being the school's responsibility to both find and replace the Epi-pen (and I'm angry to discover that they didn't even know where the bloody thing is, but I won't go into rant mode right now [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/mad.gif[/img] ), are you able to get a doctor's appointment before your daughter goes to camp?
If you are, you ask him to fill out an Emergency Section 8 to cover the cost of the Epi-pen. Because it is REQUIRED medication to PA people, it does not have to go through the regular process that a Section 8 normally would. A Section 8 is when you do not have money for a prescribed medication. Your doctor fills out a Section 8 and submits it to the Ministry of Health where they look at it and then either approve and not approve it. This, for regular, not life saving medications, can take months, for either the approval or disapproval (?).
At any rate, because the Epi-pen is required, if you are able to see your family doctor (it doesn't have to be an allergist), you can ask him to fill out the form immediately and have it sent to the drug store where you would be getting the Epi-pen prescription filled.
By the sounds of the school, by the time they take to sort through everything, find the Epi-pen and then recognize that they are responsible for replacing it, your daughter will be home from camp and ready to start her new school year.
Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Posted on: Sat, 06/30/2001 - 1:13am
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Add one more thing to my calendar--"Check with school to make sure they can locate Epi-pen!" When our school had a substitute nurse for several weeks, I went in to "check the expiration date" and right away she could locate it. I think I am going to continue to check regularly after these horror stories of the school losing the Epi-pens. I agree that you should raise a big stink about this-if you can get an extra Epi-pen, it might be a good idea for your child to carry one in a fanny pack and keep another in the office.

Posted on: Sat, 06/30/2001 - 1:32am
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Hooda thunkit?
I think occasional "inspections" are in order to make sure our schools can locate the epi-pen.
How many people had access to the pen? Usually they designate a nurse and maybe the child's teacher to be the only ones with access. Our school this year kept one in the nurse's office and his teacher insisted she have one locked in the classroom. She made sure that thing went with them wherever they went.

Posted on: Sat, 06/30/2001 - 9:36am
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I haven't had an epi-pen lost, but they have misplaced inhalers before. I regularly say I am checking expiration dates (before xmas break, etc.) or just take my son in early before school and get a puff to watch who and how fast they can open cupboards, and how often the key is not where it should be, etc. Most of these health offices are pretty much Ritalin dispensing revolving doors of activity so you HAVE to stay on top of them. I also put a small school picture on the end of the epi-pen so they could grab his fast if necessary, because there is a stack of them.

Posted on: Mon, 07/02/2001 - 4:19am
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Thanks for all the advice. The support from here is really wonderful. To Alternative to Mainstream, again thank you. I have an appointment with the GP on Wednesday this week, so I will be asking about the Emergency Section 8. It is wonderful to be able to gather knowledge from each other. I trust that one day I will be able to help someone else with loads of information as well. Being new to this is very overwhelming. But I am grateful for the assistance from each of you. Natalie


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