Looking for sample emergency plan


I know I saw a sample emergency plan posted on one of the boards - for use in schools, daycares, etc. I am in the process of setting one up and was hoping to use the one posted to double check myself but I am having trouble finding it. Can anyone help? And thanks to all - the support and information found in this site is wonderful and greatly appreciated.

On Mar 22, 1999

The posting you are looking for is under the main heading schools andthe topic is Proposed Food Allergy Management Plan.

On Mar 22, 1999

thanks so much for your help-

On Mar 22, 1999


I used the model plan from FAN. My son just started a new day care Friday and I have several of these on file.

Stay Safe, Debbie

On Mar 23, 1999

Thanks for the input - the daycare I use just had a peanut allergy child start last week - that makes I think 3 children in 3 different classrooms. It is really more common than I think most people realize...

On Apr 8, 1999

Hi Debbie,

How is the new Day Care working out?

On Apr 9, 1999


Thanks for asking about the new day care. As a matter of fact, it is working on much better than I ever believed it would. They immediately decided to go pnt free after I brought them all the literature, and a letter went out to all parents. They call manufacturers when there is a doubt (ie natural flavoring, modified food starch ingredients) and then double check with me. God works in miraculous ways!

On Apr 11, 1999

Hi Debbie,

I am so glad things are going good at the Day Care! It's comforting to hear they are accomodating you in every way! Good for them--and you!!