looking for safe food bar (U.S)


Hi, I should have ordered more aller-energy bars but forgot, and I leave in a week - too late to order more.

Does anyone know of a decent granola type bar that is not full of junk? Nutrigrain bars are too processed for my tastes. I'm trying to find something nutritious without sorbitol.

Thanks! Adele

On May 17, 2006

hi Adele - I haven't found one...they all have a may contain or same equipment warning. Someone here once posted about 2 flavors of Odwalla bars, but I checked those in a health store here and they also had may contain on them.

I'm afraid you are stuck with cereal bars. I've eaten the special K bars (love the blueberry!) but they aren't an energy bar, only 90 calories, and do enough in a pinch as a snack til I can get dinner or lunch.

I've had luck though, with Boost. It's a protein drink. Of course, it tastes like a protein drink, but it's not bad...reminds me of the soy milk taste. Those have about 300 calories and can certainly act as a meal replacement/energy fix. They are only good cold however...


------------------ 30-year old survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

On May 17, 2006

oh - just had a thought...

you could make your own energy snack, but you'd have to bring the ingredients with you --- low-fat honey graham crackers spread with soy butter (I use Trader Joes). Pop just a few chocolate chips in the middle and it keeps it from squishing out while eating.

Wrap in foil or wax paper, put in ziploc, and there's your snack. Crushable, yes. Energy in a pinch, yes. Filling, yes.

:-) Adrienne

------------------ 30-year old survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy