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We have known about our son's PA since Christmas when Grandma gave him a bite sized PB cup. The reaction was not severe. He only had some itchiness and rashiness around his mouth. He is only 2-1/2 years old now. We visited an allergist on Wed. He pointed us to some good websites and (of course) prescribed an Epipen. I have been told that all reactions can be different, so I want to be prepared so as to not have a bad experience. Because he is only 2 he will not be attending preschool this fall and he is not in daycare. Our concern is his little class at church. I have spoken to our Children's Minister and we will be posting in the classroom a Food Allergy Plan (from FAAN)and my son will wear a PA badge/button that I found on allergy-essentials.com and I will put one (maybe more than one) on his backpack as well. Having the epipens in the backpack is easy, but does anyone know where to get unit doses of Benadryl for someone this young. Are there any great, non-leaking containers or syringe-type-things that I could use to make my own UD's? The church is concerned about the liability involved with dosing the Benadryl themselves. What about other stickers or buttons available? I would like to always put a sticker on his sippy cup since when snacks come out usually the cup will be out as well. Do you think he would be able to wear a MedicAlert bracelet at this age? The church is really pretty good about monitoring the snacks. I'm just concerned that with volunteer teachers we will have to work a little harder to keep everyone on their toes. Thanks!

On Jul 25, 2003

Hi! My PA son is in the same situation. He only goes to a church nursery, otherwise he is always with me! I have never heard of single-dose liquid Benadryl, and they also were concerned about dosing it themselves. I had to sign a liability waiver. My DS is turning 2 next month, and he already wears a medic-alert bracelet. I don't think yours is too little for one, and I think it will help the workers (some who are clueless when it comes to allergies) see that PA is as serious as you tell them it is. My DS also wears the pins, but sometimes I feel like writing it on his forehead! Good Luck


On Jul 26, 2003

Thanks Tina, The Dr. is allowing my DS to take a full children's chewable Benadryl tab (12.5 mg, I believe), which can be purchased in blister packs. I am looking at the Medic Alerts. The sport bands are very cute! I think one may work.

On Jul 27, 2003

Hi LPrice: We used old Infant Tylenol containers (obviously we cleand them out thoroughly first). They are small and have a dropper. I would premeasure the correct amount into the container and remark the bottles.

I got this idea from someone on here...so I can't take full credit.


On Jul 27, 2003

My PA DD will soon be 2 1/2. She wears a medicalert bracelet without a problem. She is proud of it now. We bought scope sample bottles and plan to measure the correct dosage into the bottles and write the expiration date on the bottle. Someone on the boards gave me this idea and my allergist said it would be fine since they are child proof and I should be sure to write the exp. of the benadryl on the scope bottle. I will also change it every so often to make myself feel better. Yesterday I found these new syringes/measuring devices at Target in the baby section. They are great for measuring and super easy. I had never seen them before. Sorry, but I threw out the package already but I am sure all Targets have them.

On Jul 28, 2003

LPrice, My dd turned 2 last month and we wrapped up her medic bracelet like a present. I have a silver watch and her aunt has a charm bracelet so she was so excited to have a bracelet like us. She only asked to take it off once and we explained how it always stays on.