Looking for peanut free airlines


Anna is looking for a safe (for a peanut allergic person) airline for her mother to fly on. Here is part of the e mail she sent>>> She wrote:

She is flying from Norfolk, VA to Las Vegas, NV. I did check the posts on the airline board, but was unable to find a "totally peanut-free" airline. I have done lots of research and have been unsuccessful with finding one. I used to be in the travel business, and did not know of an airline that was totally peanut free. Thanks again for any info you can pass along.


If you have any info that will help her, or if you can work on this please do.

If you can or want to help to make airlines more aware and safe for us please contact us.

If you would like to learn how to work on this issue please contact us.

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On Oct 15, 1999

I was told by United that they are peanut free, as of February 1999. They serve pretzels as a snack. I don't know if their meals are also peanut free.

On Nov 3, 1999

TWA is running a special promo. and is serving only pretzels until at least the first of the year.

On Nov 3, 1999

TWA is running a special promo. and is serving only pretzels until at least the first of the year.

On Dec 23, 1999

Just a quick response on airlines. We flew to Los Angeles in October on Northwest Airlines and when I contacted them about both of our children being PA, they were very responsive. They sent me a letter to show at the gate once we arrived to double check with catering that it would be a peanut free flight. Both flights were uneventful, thank goodness. The kids had a kids meal, hot dogs, etc. and we ate chicken and I think it was pasta coming home. Even the cookie given to all of us had the ingredients listed and was totally peanut free. We were very pleased and calm the whole time. ( A first!) We are flying with both of our kids again in March and are flying Northwest. They were very helpful. I made sure though that I contacted them right after booking the tickets and again, after receiving the letter, I called them two weeks before leaving, one week before, and the day before, just to verify that that is what they had down on their catering schedules. Then, we also brought the letter with us the day of departure,(they sent us two letters, one for coming home too), which they requested, and all went well. Good Luck!