Looking for parents of allergic children


I am a freelance journalist in Ottawa, Canada, and I am writing a piece on banning peanuts in schools for a Canadian parenting magazine. I am looking to talk to parents of children (in the school system) with peanut allergies, preferably Canadian.

I'd appreciate a response by e-mail ASAP from anyone interested in sharing their story.


Dinah Clarkson [email]dclarkso@chat.carleton.ca[/email]

On May 31, 1999

Hi Dinah, I would suggest calling the Anaphylaxis Network of Canada - I'm sure they could put you in touch with Parents of school age children in Canada - They are a great group - I utilize them all the time re: information and support.

They are at 416- 785-5666 or fax 416-243-7733

Best of luck with the article.